"This is Zulu Squad to Tequila, respond. I repeat, please respond."
―Unidentified Marine from Zulu Team (from Aliens vs. Predator)

Zulu Team was a squad of Colonial Marines deployed to BG-386 from the USS Marlow, dispatched in response to a Xenomorph outbreak at the Freya's Prospect colony and the nearby Weyland-Yutani facility.


Following the crash of Typhoon and Tequila's capture by Xenomorphs, Zulu Team began scouring the Yautja ruins on BG-386 for the Corporal's location, hoping to rescue her before she could be impregnated with a Chestburster. They were joined by Typhoon's pilot, Connor, who had survived the crash. The squad's radio operator also made attempts to contact other survivors in the area and rally them to their position, but was hampered in this regard by faulty equipment.

While the squad searched the ruins, they were discovered by Dark, who was passing through the area in search of ancient Yautja technology that had been stolen by Weyland-Yutani research personnel. The Predator took the opportunity to pick the Marines off one by one before moving on.

Several Marines survived Dark's rampage and later met up with Rookie, who had made his way to the Typhoon crash site with the intention of rescuing Tequila. After fighting off a large swarm of Xenomorphs, Danone and Roper remained behind to hold the crash site and wait for other survivors, while Rookie and Connor moved deeper into the ruins, witnessing another remaining member of Zulu Team being killed by a Young Blood Predator that was still on the planet. Connor was later dragged away by Xenomorphs, while Rookie went on to discover several members of Zulu Squad cocooned in a small Hive nearby, having fallen victim to Chestbursters.

It is unknown what happen to the remaining members of Zulu Team.

Known Members[]


  • Zulu Team is notably far larger than the other identified squads in the game, Charlie and Echo Teams. It is possible that these other squads have simply had their numbers reduced by losses before the player encounters them, or perhaps Zulu Team has incorporated other scattered survivors from around the colony, amalgamated into one mixed unit.