Officer Zinck[2] was a member of the Los Angeles Police Department SWAT team that engaged El Scorpio and his fellow Columbian gang members in 1997.


Zinck's SWAT unit was called in when two motorcycle cops were shot by the Colombian Scorpions after stumbling across a drug deal. The Scorpions' considerable firepower held the SWAT team at bay until Detective Lieutenant Harrigan arrived and cleared the area. When Harrigan subsequently disobeyed orders to stay out of the stronghold the Colombians had retreated into, the SWAT team's commander, Sergeant Reeger, sent Zinck and several other officers with them to provide support.

Inside the building, Zinck was killed by El Scorpio, who gunned the officer down in a blind panic as he attempted to flee the City Hunter that had just massacred his fellow Colombians.




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