The Z.C.T. Corporation was an Earth-based corporation that conducted advanced research and development involving the species Xenomorph XX121. In particular, the company pursued aggressive research into the Xenomorph's DNA reflex. This in turn led to the development of Project Chimera, which sought to hybridize human and Xenomorph DNA.

Known Facilities[]

Charon Base[]

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Charon Base was a remote deep space research complex established by the Z.C.T. Corporation[1] and run by Professor Ernst Kleist. Located within a remote asteroid, it was the main facility for Z.C.T.'s advanced Xenomorph research, and in particular the company's top-secret Project Chimera.

Charon Base

Charon Base


Environment Suits[]

  • Unnamed armored environment suit

Small Arms[]

Assault Rifles[]

Electroshock weapons[]

Ultrasonic weapons[]

Xenomorph Research[]

Kleist failed clones

Kleist with several of the failed Queen hybrids, preserved in his lab.

Project Chimera[]

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Project Chimera was a top-secret research program run by the Z.C.T. Corporation at Charon Base. Under the direction of Professor Ernst Kleist, Project Chimera sought to splice Xenomorph DNA with that of other, more docile species, the aim being to genetically engineer tame hybrid creatures that would be peaceful towards humans and could be controlled by them. The ultimate hope was to develop a tame Queen that could be used as a mechanism to control other Xenomorphs.


Professor Ernst Kleist with his spliced Xenomorphs

Spliced Xenomorphs[]

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Professor Kleist was able to engineer spliced Xenomorphs before creating the hybrid Xenomorph known as 'The Rogue'.


The Rogue

The Rogue[]

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The Rogue was the final product of the gene splicing experiments being carried out by Professor Kleist at Charon Base under Project Chimera. Although Kleist had achieved significant success genetically engineering tame Drone hybrids, he encountered severe setbacks when attempting to create a hybrid Queen, including many attempts that were born horribly deformed, eventually perishing as a result of their mutations.[2] The breakthrough came when Kleist incorporated human DNA in the hybridization process, using genetic material taken from John Cray. The result was the Rogue, an enormous and hugely powerful male Xenomorph "king" that it was hoped would act as a tame counterpart to naturally-occurring Queens.