Z-110 ARCW

Z-110 ANCW

Information adjusted from Alien Fuzion - Stage One - Armor & Equipment

Developed to combat the highly acidic Xenomorph blood, this ribbed armor covers a Marine from head to toe. It exudes a slime covering that neutralizes acid on contact. The suit is also designed to withstand severe concussions. Efforts to produce an armor resistant to the intense acidity of Xenomorph blood have proved impractical and the designs were deemed too heavy for a normal man to use effectively. Therefore in place of acidic resistance, an extirpative method was developed instead. The moment alien blood touches this wardrobe, the threat is eliminated altogether. It is lined with a gelatinous substance that can neutralize the acid, giving it the PH balance of water. 


The Z-110 ANCW was developed by Grant Corporation for their farmers as Royal Jelly was a valued resource. They were secretly using them but the design was not available to the USCMC until later. The armor is also a complete life support system, with a capacity of a full pressurized environment for up to six hours. The suit is powered by batteries on the back which power the life support but also regulates the interchanging armor plates. Not really classified as a powered exoskeleton, the suit just moved its armor aside as the person moves. This includes tracking the helmet to follow the eyes of the wearer because the viewer of the Z-110 is very small. The Grant Corp NutraGel cannot be made transparent, making this small viewer the most vulnerable place on the suit. It has the same PD and EKD as the rest of the suit but is not protected by the NutraGel technology while any acid hit in the head unit has 20% chance of striking the glass. If punctured, the suit is no longer pressurized. 

The Z-110 can regenerate the Gel completely after a battle and have an inexhaustive supply.


At time of the war, Grant Corp starts selling the NutraGel as a modification to be adapted to any armor. Any surface armor (that cannot be covered) can be used. Every packet will adapt a full suit but will only withstand a certain amount of acid damage before being completely neutralized. Any location not completely covered (helmet) has a roughly 50% chance of hitting an unprotected area.


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