"She is a true visionary, easily a match for Mr. Weyland."
Naoko Yutani regarding her cousin (from Alien: Blackout)

Ms. Yutani was the CEO of the Japanese Yutani Corporation.


Yutani was the CEO of the Yutani Corporation. Eventually, Weyland Industries acquired the Yutani Corporation, thus forming the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. Yutani would go on to acquire a senior position within the newfound corporation.

Tailing Renegade XM

"We advise, for your well-being, that you move swiftly. Because your insistent claim that you're death-proof is about to be put to the test."
Yutani to Cutter Vasquez (from Aliens: Aftermath)

Following the bombing of a Wey-Yu owned fuelling station by the terrorist journalist group, Renegade XM, Yutani established contact with the team after crewmember Cutter Vasquez plugged the station's data drive into their ship on the dilapidated colony Hadley's Hope, then suffering from a nuclear winter.

Vasquez had been contacted by the extrasolar colonization administration that he retrieve a cryogenically frozen colonist, 'Subject Zero', and bring him to them. Yutani, knowing that Subject Zero had been impregnated, bargained with Vasquez that if they were to bring him to her, they would double his reward and erase his criminal record. Her offer was squandered, however, after a bioluminescent Xenomorph ambushed and killed Cutter. Ending the video feed, although the procurement of Specimen Zero was a failure, Yutani expressed contentment with the destruction of Renegade XM, a recurring thorn in Wey-Yu's side, and the presence of a live Chestburster specimen that recently erupted from Subject Zero.

AVPR (non-canon)

During the early 21st century she came into possession of the Yautja Wolf's Plasma Pistol through Colonel Stevens, the one responsible for the Gunnison operation, which was used by the Yutani Corporation to advance human technology.


  • A male version of the character, John Yutani, was initially intended to appear in Alien vs. Predator as the counterpart to Charles Bishop Weyland. Peter Weller, best known as Alex Murphy/RoboCop in the first two RoboCop movies, was attached to the role, but his scenes were never filmed.[2]
    • It was ultimately decided by Paul W. S. Anderson to write the character out of the script to focus on a smaller core of characters to develop, and so that Yutani could be saved for a potential sequel, which ultimately did happen. The character was genderswapped into a female in the end.
    • According to Marc Cerasini, author of the Alien vs Predator novelization, a version of the scene featuring the Predator weapon being turned over to Yutani (a Weyland-Yutani executive originally) was already written in a draft for the first film.[3]
  • Ms. Yutani appearing in the film’s final scene was meant to be a sequel hook, in a proposed third AvP film with Yutani as a main character. The negative reaction to Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem killed off plans for a third film though.
  • Françoise Yip, who plays Yutani, was also set to reprise the role in The Predator, provided the first name Cullen, though her speaking scenes were ultimately cut.
  • Yutani would make her first official physical appearance in the Alien franchise in the one-shot comic, Aliens: Aftermath.





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