The Young Blood Pack was a group of five inexperienced Young Blood Yautja who travelled to BG-386 to prove themselves by taking part in a Xenomorph Hunt on the planet.

The pack consisted of five members, and all five were ultimately killed on the planet. Its members act as antagonists in both the Alien and Marine campaigns in the 2010 video game Aliens vs. Predator.


The pack met its fate when Weyland-Yutani researchers, led by Karl Bishop Weyland, opened the Yautja Pyramid on BG-386, an event that released a powerful EMP blast and allowed several live Xenomorph specimens being held in the nearby Weyland-Yutani research facility to escape. The Xenomorphs and their Queen quickly set up a Hive in the refinery at the Freya's Prospect colony and used the colonists and scientists on the planet as hosts for a huge number of Drones.

At least two of the Young Bloods, Claw and a second unidentified individual, successfully killed prey (in both cases a Colonial Marine) following the outbreak, thereby becoming Blooded. However, none of the Pack survived the events on BG-386. Claw and another Young Blood were killed in the jungle, presumably by Xenomorphs; the body of the second Young Blood was subsequently recovered by Colonial Marines and placed in a small lab in the jungle for study. Both were later found by Dark, an Elite sent to investigate, and destroyed with their Self-Destruct Devices.

Another pair of Young Bloods were killed within the combat arena on the planet by a Xenomorph named Specimen 6, aided by several other Drones. One of the Elites dispatched to investigate, Wolf, subsequently engaged Six in the arena but was himself defeated, and his wounded body was used as a host for the Abomination. A third Elite sent to the planet in search of the Young Blood Pack was later discovered by Dark within the Xenomorph Hive, killed there whilst attempting to slay the Matriarch.

The final Young Blood was markedly more successful than his peers, surviving the initial outbreak and later stalking and killing several Marines within the Yautja ruins on the planet. However, the last surviving Marine, Rookie, ultimately defeated him in single combat within the combat arena.


  • The majority of the Predators in the Young Blood Pack all use the same in-game skin — that of Claw. However, at least one of the group — the Predator that stalks Rookie in the ruins and is ultimately killed by him in the combat arena — uses the same skin as the Predator campaign playable character, Dark.