Rank Young Blood
Superior To: Pup
Subordinate To: Blooded
Hunting Captain
Clan Leader
Clan Elder
Next Rank: Blooded

Young Blood is a Yautja rank, mainly composed of adolescent Yautja that have just completed their basic training regimen.


Battle Prowess

The battle prowess of a young blood varies from Yautja to Yautja, however all of them are skilled enough to take down a conditioned, armed human with ease. Where the variances really show are in confrontations with a Xenomorph, the main goal of a Young Blood looking to advance its rank. Chopper's inability to sense a Xenomorph's sneaking presence costs him his life and Celtic's inability to subdue and kill the Xenomorph in an efficient and timely fashion cost his as well, to the same Xenomorph, no less. Of the three, only Scar had the finesse to detect a Xenomorph sneaking up on him and battle several, including a Queen, successfully (ironically, he was ambushed by a Facehugger).

Clan Differences

Depending on the Clan, there are different ways a Young Blood can attain the title of Blooded. The most commonly seen one involves Young Blood Predators journeying to a Yautja Pyramid and participating in a Hunt where they will usually battle Xenomorphs. Once they have killed their first Xenomorph they will have achieved the rank of Blooded. Yautja then use the acidic Xenomorph blood to mark themselves with the symbol of their clan. They then have to defeat the rest of the Xenomorphs until their clan Mother Ship arrives to pick them up.


Youngbloods are allotted a more varied set of hunting tools than their un-Blooded subordinates. Emboldened items were not found in the previous rank. They are as follows:

Notable Young Bloods


  • In Alien vs. Predator Celtic, Chopper, and Scar were all Yautja Young Bloods trying to complete their Rite of Passage to become Blooded Yautja by battling Xenomorphs on a Hunt inside a Pyramid under Bouvet Island. Celtic and Chopper both died before they could become Blooded and only Scar actually achieved the rank of Blooded but he was killed soon afterwards by a Xenomorph Queen.
  • In Aliens vs. Predator the Young Blood Pack was a group of five Young Bloods that failed their Hunt on BG-386 and were all killed. Dark, an Elite of the Elite Clan, was sent in to activate their Self-Destruct Devices so that Yautja technology did not fall into the hands of the humans. The only members of the pack known to of actually achieved the rank of Blooded were Claw and an unnamed Predator since they successfully killed prey (a Xenomorph and a Colonial Marine, respectively).

List of appearances


  • Young Bloods only appear in the Alien vs. Predator films and never in the Predator films.
  • All notable Young Bloods are deceased.
  • According to War, some clans do not have a young blood rank. New, unblooded hunters instead jump straight from unblooded into blooded warriors.