"Come back Blooded or don't come back at all."
Set-Thwei to his Young Blood students in Alien vs. Predator: Unleashed
Rank Young Blood
Superior To: Suckling
Subordinate To: Blooded
Clan Leader
Clan Elder
Next Rank: Blooded

Young Blood is a Yautja rank mainly composed of adolescent Yautja that have just completed their basic training regimen. Some clans do not have a Young Blood rank, their un-Blooded jumping straight to Blooded after. Other clans, such as the Dark Blade Clan, distinguish between Un-Blooded and Youngblood hunters.[1]



Scar, very newly blooded, compared to human woman Lex.

Adolescent yautja comprise the ranks of the Youngbloods, those that have not yet been Blooded with their first kill. While still seen as predator children, a Youngblood is more than a match for a trained, human soldier. They are fully grown and ready to embark on their first Hunt to become fully accepted into the clan proper as an adult. Most yautja are Blooded during Hunts that are conducted against captured xenomorphs housed within a yautja pyramid, which the Predators see as an apex creature. Upon slaying their first xenomorph, they will ritually mark themselves and their bio-mask with the creature’s acid blood, elevating their status to the ranks of the Blooded. They are also then permitted use of the powerful shoulder-mounted weapon known as the plasmacaster, in addition to rest of their personal arsenal. Most often the Youngbloods are dispatched in teams of three to five into their first Hunt. In a society built upon the fiercest fighters in the galaxy, only the strong survive and those too weak to complete the trial are killed. Successful yautja go on to collect trophies all over the galaxy, hunting all manner of aliens and enemies. [2]

In Super Predator clans, Young bloods can hold other titles, such as Tracker and Falconer.

The term young-blood and un-blooded are sometimes used interchangeably among Yautja clans and others either have one term, eschewing the other. This may be a result of natural cultural difference as a result of new clans arising and then striking out, away from origins clans.

Battle Prowess[]

The battle prowess of a young blood varies from Yautja to Yautja, however all of them are skilled enough to take down a conditioned, armed human with ease. Where the variances really show are in confrontations with a Xenomorph, the main goal of a Young Blood looking to advance its rank. Chopper's inability to sense a Xenomorph's sneaking presence costs him his life and Celtic's inability to subdue and kill the Xenomorph in an efficient and timely fashion cost his as well, to the same Xenomorph, no less. Of the three, only Scar had the finesse to detect a Xenomorph sneaking up on him and battle several, including a Queen, successfully (ironically, he was ambushed by a Facehugger).

Clan Differences[]

Depending on the Clan, there are different ways a Young Blood can attain the title of Blooded. The most commonly observed method involves a pack of Young Blood Predators journeying to a Yautja Pyramid or other hunting ground and participating in a Blooding Hunt where they will usually battle Xenomorphs.[citation needed] Once they have killed their first Xenomorph they will have achieved the rank of Blooded. Yautja then use the acidic Xenomorph blood to mark themselves with the symbol of their clan. Others report the kill in to fellow hunters and superiors, to confirm them.[3] They then have to defeat the rest of the Xenomorphs until their clan Mother Ship arrives to pick them up. In some clans, deceased packmates are to be brought back to the Mother Ship. In other clans, the dead are lambasted as failures and spat upon, forgotten by all except perhaps their closest family members.[4][citation needed]


Young Bloods are allotted a more varied and personalized set of hunting tools than their un-Blooded subordinates. They are as follows:

Notable Young Bloods[]


  • Young Bloods only appear in the Alien vs. Predator films and never in the Predator films.
  • Some notable Young Bloods are deceased.
  • According to War, some clans do not have a young blood rank.[citation needed] New, unblooded hunters instead jump straight from unblooded into blooded warriors.