"Remember you..."
Broken Tusk to Machiko Noguchi before his death (from Aliens vs. Predator)

Yeyinde ("brave one"),[6] referred to by other Yautja as Dachande ("different knife"),[6] also nicknamed "Broken Tusk"[7] by Machiko Noguchi, was a Yautja Leader and Clan Leader.

He led several young Un-blooded Yautja to Ryushi for their first Hunt against the Xenomorphs, but when their ship was accidentally destroyed by Dr. Kesar Revna and Dachande was incapacitated, the remaining students found themselves stranded and leaderless, and would go on to be led by Tichinde in an insubordinate hunt against the humans from the colony of Prosperity Wells, as well as the Xenomorphs plaguing the colony. The debacle ultimately led to Dachande siding with the humans, specifically the colony administrator Machiko Noguchi.

Dachande himself survived the incident, only to succumb to wounds received fighting a Queen at the colony, dying shortly after blooding Noguchi as a worthy hunter.


Early Life[]

"He was Leader of the Ne'tesei, son and grandson to ship leaders and warrior trainers, and he bowed to no one in his skill with blade or burner."
Aliens vs. Predator: Prey

Yeyinde was born to a Leader, whose father was also a Leader. He grew up a temperamental and arrogant young male ready to prove himself at the slightest provocation. In his younger days, he had challenged a younger male who had stared at him longer than what he deemed acceptable, though the fight was inadvertently broken up by a female.[8]

He also had a half-brother, Nei'hman-de,[9] with whom he was close to and used to drink C'ntlip with. The two shared their initiation hunt, with Yeyinde managing to kill two Xenomorphs with a Burner, the only one to do so out of the pack. However, Nei'hman-de was less fortunate, and had been killed. Though Yeyinde initially protested the news given to him by leader A'ni-de, he was physically disciplined by the latter, and henceforth chose not to mourn, as it was not the way of a warrior like him to focus on the past.[10]

Yeyinde would go on to become an incredibly prosperous warrior, earning immensely impressive feats: in total, he had killed fifty Xenomorphs, and had even claimed the trophy of a Queen during a disastrous hunt in which nine Blooded had died.[11] He had grown so skilled at killing the "hard meat", that he would deliberately handicap himself when hunting the creatures, limiting himself to the use of only his Wristblades or a Combistick.[12] Perhaps most notable, however, was his achievement of being the only Yautja to fight and kill a Xenomorph in unarmed combat.[13] The duel saw his left lower-tusk broken, and though he could have had it reground, he opted to leave it as a reminder of his achievement, for himself and others.[14] This trait earnt him the nickname "Dachande", meaning "Different Knife", which he would be called behind his back. Though it could be considered an insult, he took the name in stride, and was in fact proud of the moniker he had received.[15]

Dachande was also popular with female Yautja, and fathered seventy-three Sucklings since becoming Blooded.[16]

With his status as a legendary warrior solidified, Dachande would go on to lead a Clan within his own Mother Ship, the Ne'dtesei, and train Un-blooded in the ways of the hunt. This was also something he was also skilled at, and he had successfully trained hundreds of youngsters, only suffering the setback of "a dozen" deaths, though he himself attributed this to the callousness of his students.[17]

Preparing for the Hunt[]


Dachande defeats Top-Knot.

Within the depths of space, Dachande resided within his quarters of the Ne'dtesei, preparing a pack of young Un-blooded Yautja for the ultimate baptism to prove their mettle - the Xenomorph hunt. The Ne'dtesei harboured a captive Queen, whose eggs were used to seed planets for Xenomorph hunts.


Dachande pilots his shuttle to Ryushi.

Dachande was suddenly alerted by a subordinate that fellow Leader, Top-Knot, won a recent fight to claim the right to choose their hunting grounds. Top-Knot ultimately challenged Dachande, but was defeated by him. Dachande chose the planet of Ryushi to conduct his hunt, a place where he had once saw success in a Xenomorph hunt. Unbeknownst to him was the new human colony, Prosperity Wells, that had established itself on the planet since his last visit. As Top-Knot led a Xenomorph hunt on a different planet, Dachande gathered his pack of subordinates and piloted a shuttle down to Ryushi after the Predator's automated seeding pod had begun laying eggs on the planet's surface.

Landing and subsequent incapacitation[]

"I don't believe his kind knew there were humans on Ryushi. We haven't been here long -- I doubt we were here the lasttime they dropped in."
Machiko Noguchi (from Aliens vs. Predator)

Dachande is captured and studied by the humans.

Dachande and his group landed over the horizon of Prosperity Wells, the colonists mistaking the ship for a meteor. After colonists Ackland and Jame Roth had acquired dead Facehugger specimens and subsequently brought them back to the med-center, Dr Kesar Revna headed out to the location which Ackland claimed to have found them - Iwa Gorge. However, there he encountered Dachande's shuttle and was discovered by its inhabitants, and he fled on his hoverbike. During his escape, he crashed into Dachande and incapacitated him, before subsequently driving into, and destroying, the Predator's shuttle. The Un-blooded Yautja, now leaderless and without means to leave the planet, had the brash Un-blooded Tichinde take Dachande's place and declare war on their apparent enemy.

Colony administrator Machiko Noguchi sent copter pilots Ashley Ikeda and David Spanner to Iwa Gorge in search of Dr. Revna, where the two discovered the remain of the Yautja shuttle and an unconscious Dachande. They subsequently took him back to base, unaware that Tichinde's pack had spotted their aircraft and followed it. Dachance was taken to the med center, where he was restrained, studied and treated by Kesar's wife, Miriam Revna. Unbeknownst to him, Tichinde and his brethren had begun slaughtering unarmed inhabitants of the colony, including children, a major violation of the Yautja Honor Code.

Duel with Tichinde and siding with the humans[]


Dachande kills Tichinde.

Suddenly, a Xenomorph outbreak occurred within Prosperity Wells after the Predator's game had established a hive within the commercial freighter, the Lector, creating chaos. This was followed by the arrival of Tichinde's pack, who engaged in skirmishes with the creatures.

Miriam stayed within the med center and catered to Dachande, forming something of a shallow bond with the hunter. After Machiko visited Miriam to check on her safety, arming her with a semi-auto shotgun for protection, Tichinde suddenly broke into the center. Just before killing Miriam with his Wristblades, she was saved by Dachande, who managed to break free his left arm and block the attack. Machiko subsequently rammed through the wall of the med center with her hoverbike and into the insubordinate Predator. Miriam, trusting Dachande, released him, allowing him to gear up. Realizing that Tichinde had killed innocent civilians, Dachande struck his dishonourable lesser and brawled with him, giving Machiko and Miriam time to reach a copter and take flight. Eventually, Dachande managed to grab a Yautja dagger and plunged it into Tichinde's jaw, killing the Bad Blood.

Dachande left the med center and witnessed the chaotic skirmish between Yautja and Xeno unfold before him. He subsequently managed to get out of harms way of a Rhynth stampede released by Machiko by climbing a tower, watching Yautja and Xenomorph alike trampled and crushed. Soon, he was forced to climb the tower after being chased by a group of Xenos. Miriam eventually convinced Machiko to save Dachande with the copter, allowing him to jump onto the strut. However, a lunging Xenomorph caused the copter to crash.

Survivors Tom Strandberg and Scott Conover had recently managed to escape the Xenomorph hive within the Lector, and witnessed the copter crashing nearby. Machiko was pulled from the wreckage whilst Dachande emerged from the flames, a dead Miriam in his arms. Dachande ultimately decided to join forces with Machiko to quell the infestation.

The four subsequently retreated to the colony's East lock. After Tom was killed by a Chestburster, Scott realized that he too was impregnated, and gave Noguchi the codes necessary to crash the Lector's orbital barge onto the complex, before being put out of his misery by her.

Dachande would come to admire Machiko's prowess as a warrior, and subsequently named her Da'dtou-di ("small knife")[18] The two were suddenly ambushed by the Un-blooded Oc'djy, though Machiko's quick reflexes allowed her to gun him down with relative ease.

Battle against the Queen and Death[]

"Maybe it would have been different if Broken Tusk had lived. Maybe. We were thrown together under unusual circumstances. Perhaps in any other situation he would have been no different than any of his people...And I'd be a trophy hanging on his wall now."
Machiko Noguchi (from Aliens vs. Predator: War)

Dachande bloods Machiko before succumbing to his wounds.

Machiko and Dachande used a tractor to ram-raid into the Lector hive, crashing into the Queen. Dachande defended the emergency escape pod while Machiko activated the barge navigational instruction from the cockpit. Surviving the hit-and-run, the Queen attacked and mortally wounded Dachande, but was knocked back by Machiko shots whilst she dragged him into the escape pod. The Queen forced itself into the escape-pod, but its hand was severed by Dachande and its head decapitated after the pod doors closed. The pod launched just it time to avoid the barge crashing onto the Lector and Prosperity Wells, destroying the colony and eliminating the Xenomorphs.

The two survivors landed miles from the now destroyed colony and exit the pod. The fatally wounded Dachande used one of the Queen's fingers to blood Machiko, before dying.

Personality and Traits[]

"I half expected a replay of the the lost battles I'd seen earlier, but the broken-tusked warrior was no inexperienced novice. He measured every step, timed every strike."
Machiko Noguchi, regarding Dachande (from Aliens vs. Predator)

Dachande was a born leader. Powerful, intelligent and possessing a deep sense of honor, Dachande embodied the features of an ideal Yautja and quintessential hunter, following the Yautja's code to an extensive degree. However, he was also a patient mentor, and would tolerate insolent acts from Un-blooded, so long as they would come to learn from their mistakes; Dachande ultimately preferred to teach his subordinates rather than punish them,[19] traits that his more stricter peer, Top-Knot, would not share.

That is not to say that his patience was infinite; he was outraged to discover that his pack had gone rogue and killed unworthy prey, specifically killing Tichinde for such treacherous behaviour. After saving Miriam Revna from Tichinde, Dachande seemingly felt responsible for the humans of Prosperity Wells, and sided with them following the chaos of the Xenomorph outbreak. There he developed a brief, yet strong comradery with Machiko Noguchi, recognizing her survival skills and worthiness as a hunter.

Dachande was a very skilled fighter, single-handedly taking on many Xenomorphs at a time and sustaining few injuries, if any. He was so prodigious at killing Xenos, that he would handicap himself in his later hunts solely for the sheer challenge of it. Furthermore, he demonstrated great strength when fighting fellow Yautja, easily overpowering rival Top-Knot despite the size difference, and effortlessly killing Tichinde in a short duel.


Broken Tusk possessed traditional Yautja weaponry. However, unlike other Yautja in the series, he dons a much heavier suit of armor, fit with gauntlets on his fingers, segmented back plating, and a severed Xenomorph head on the chest plate, which had his lightning bolt symbol emblazoned on the forehead.

Another unusual feature consistent with the Predators of Dachande's clan, was the absence of their use of a Plasmacaster. Instead, Broken Tusk's hunting party utilized a hand held weapon referred to as a 'Burner'. It is a powerful weapon, capable of blasting a Xenomorph apart in a single shot, but needed to be reloaded, utilizing a breach loading mechanism much like a double barrelled shotgun. Broken Tusk's combistick could also be broken into two separate weapons, via locking mechanism in the middle of the shaft, allowing for more flexible close quarters combat against multiple opponents.


  • Dachande is only referred to as 'The Broken Tusked Warrior' by Machiko in the original comic series. His true name, 'Yeyinde' (and subsequently Dachande) was revealed in the novelization.
  • Dachande had never hunted humans before, though it was something he had long desired.[20]
  • Prior to the Ryushi incident, Dachande had entered three Xenomorph hives before.[21]





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