Yautja Blood

Anna Gonsalves touching a leaf covered in Yautja blood.

Yautja blood is a neon green bioluminescent substance that originates from Yautja. It has been known to be warm when spilt, implying the Yautja are warm-blooded creatures, however this could be due to the thermal netting warming the Yautja's body and therefore it's blood.[1]


Yautja blood is a neon green bioluminescent substance that originates from a Yautja's body. The substance is known to be a life giving substance, which gives virtually any known species an extended lifespan. This was first discovered by Hunter Borgia, who utilized the blood in order to keep himself alive after a century. However, it needs to be constantly used in order for him to remain alive.[2] Another aspect of the blood is that it can be somewhat chunky and mostly liquid at the time. Yautja blood is also known to possess the ability to partially neutralize Xenomorph corrosive blood.[3]

Behind the Scenes

For filming, the Predator's distinctive glowing blood was created by simply mixing the contents of glow sticks with K-Y Jelly lubricant.[4] As the glow stick mixture only maintains its luminosity for a short time, it had to be made fresh on set.


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