Yautja Prime is the home planet of the Yautja, although its true name is unknown. The planet has at least two major biomes: a dry, hot, desert environment with rivers of flowing lava and a humid, wet jungle biome.

Native Life[]

Not much is known about the native life of the world, most noteworthy is the Yautja, but there also seems to be a plethora of wildlife.



Geographical Features[]

Little is known about the planet. In Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, it is shown orbiting a binary star system and possesses a ring. Gravity, day/night cycles, atmospheric composition, continental distribution, etc., are unknown.

The planet has some material used to construct weapons of the hunt, such as Yautja Bow.[6]

Terrain and Climate[]


Surface on the Planet's volcanic biome

The climate is presumably hot and humid throughout many parts of the world. In volcanic biomes as shown in AVP: R, intense volcanic activity is still present. The same biomes are also known to contain areas of lethal radioactivity, as the dangerous Vy'drach dwells in these areas.

While not featured in Prey, the director Dan Trachtenberg mentioned that forest biome exists in the planet also. He elaborated that clans of Jungle Hunter, City Hunter, and Berserker Predator hailed from there in stark contrast of Feral Predator's clan who hailed in desert biome.[7][8][9][10]




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