Yaphet Frederick Kotto (born November 15, 1939 and died March 15, 2021) was an American actor who played Parker in the 1979 film Alien. He later lent his voice and likeness to the character in the 2014 video game Alien: Isolation and its expansion packs. He was perhaps best known for his role as the villain Dr. Kananga/Mr. Big in the eighth official James Bond film, Live and Let Die (1973). Other notable films Kotto had appeared in include Across 110th Street (1972), The Running Man (1987) and Midnight Run (1988).

Kotto had been nominated for an Emmy award.


Year Title Notes
1963 4 for Texas Uncredited
1964 Nothing But a Man
1968 5 Card Stud
The Thomas Crown Affair
1970 The Liberation of L.B. Jones
1971 Man and Boy
1972 Across 110th Street
1973 Live and Let Die With Eddie Powell
1974 Truck Turner With Henry Kingi
1975 Report to the Commissioner
Sharks' Treasure
Friday Foster With Carl Weathers
1976 Drum With Henry Kingi
The Monkey Hu$tle
1977 Raid on Entebbe
1978 Blue Collar
1979 Alien
1980 Brubaker
1982 Fighting Back With Tom Skerritt
1983 The Star Chamber
1984 Terror in the Aisles Archive footage; with Ian Holm, Harry Dean Stanton and Sigourney Weaver
1985 Warning Sign
Badge of the Assassin
1986 Eye of the Tiger With Gary Busey and Thomas Rosales, Jr.
The Park Is Mine
1987 The Running Man With María Conchita Alonso, Thomas Rosales, Jr., Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sven-Ole Thorsen and Jesse Ventura
Tomorrow's a Killer
1988 Midnight Run With Thomas Rosales, Jr.
1989 Love You to Death
The Jigsaw Murders
1990 Ministry of Vengeance
1991 Hangfire
Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare With William R. Perry
1993 Extreme Justice With Thomas Rosales, Jr.
1994 Dead Badge With Raymond Cruz, Leland Orser and Danny Trejo
The Puppet Masters
1995 Out-of-Sync With Charles Haugk and Henry Kingi
1996 Two If by Sea
Almost Blue
2008 Witless Protection


  • Kotto is one of two actors from the Alien/Predator films who has also played a villain in the James Bond franchise, the other being Robert Davi from Predator 2. Actor Colin Salmon (from Alien vs. Predator) also appeared in three films from the Bond series, as one of 007's supporting allies. Numerous stuntmen have also worked in both franchises.


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