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What did you think of the Alien 40th anniversary short films?[]

How would you rate The Predator?[]

What did you think of Alien: Covenant?[]

How do you feel about Alien: Covenant now that the trailers are out?[]

Which upcoming film are you looking forward to the most?[]

Are you excited for Alien: Covenant?[]

What kind of plot would you like to see in Alien 5?[]

What score would you give Alien: Isolation?[]

Will you be pre-ordering Alien: Isolation?[]

Are you excited for Alien: Isolation?[]

What is your favorite stage in the Xenomorph life cycle?[]

What is your favorite Xenomorph caste?[]

Did you think Stasis Interrupted was an improvement over Aliens: Colonial Marines?[]

Did you enjoy Prometheus?[]

As a Xenopedia reader/editor, would you like to have a fanon section?[]