Images included on the wiki should be limited to film captures, in-game screenshots, trailers and behind the scenes images. Fan art is not permitted. Any images used should always be of the highest quality and resolution available. They should be consistently formatted and not negatively impact the organization of the article.

Every article on Xenopedia should ideally include at least one image relevant to the subject. Many articles will have multiple images; when including numerous images in a single article, it is often a good idea to use a gallery to properly organize these images.

As a general rule, real-world images fall outside of the scope of the wiki and should not be included in articles. Notable exceptions to this include images of cover artwork, such as movie posters, video game box art or book covers, and relevant behind the scenes photographs directly related to the development of the series' media.

If you are unsure, be sure to ask an Administrator.

Character Title Images

To help ensure consistency, all character pages on Xenopedia should have a main image that is portrait in orientation, is cropped to an aspect ratio of 4:5, and is set to a width of 200px. In some cases, where a portrait image is not feasible, a landscape image is acceptable, cropped to an aspect ratio of 5:4 and set to a width of 250px. Ensuring every character page has a consistently sized and cropped main image is one of the simplest ways to improve the overall look of the wiki.

For more information on image aspect ratio, you may want to see Wikipedia's page on the subject.

Irrelevant/Bad Quality Images

Adding irrelevant photos or poorly formatting them can sometimes be construed as disruptive editing or even badge boosting and will be dealt with by an Administrator. The uploading of duplicate images is also to be avoided. Uploading an image that already exists on the wiki will result in the image being deleted and replaced with the original, and the user who uploaded the duplicate receiving a warning. Persistently uploading duplicate images after a warning will be met with a block. Xenopedia will usually issue an automated notification when trying to upload an image that is the same as one already on the wiki.

User/talk page

Images uploaded for use on a user's user page or talk page are not subject to the above rules, as these spaces are yours to customize as you wish. However, any images must still adhere to the community's standards of behavior, and should never be pornographic, racist, bigoted or otherwise offensive, should never contain advertising and must not contradict the Wikia Terms of Agreement.

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