"If space is hell, this planet is worse."
Rumor Control (from Alien: The Roleplaying Game)

G-435[1], also known as Achilles 2.4[1], or Xenomorph Prime,[2] also known as the Hiveworld[3] or A6 454 by some human scientists, is the fourth planet orbiting Achilles 2 located in the Psi Velorum system 61.4 light years Rimward-Trailward from Earth. This is the homeworld of the Xenomorph XX121 species along with several other alien species.


Xenomorph Prime is at least the size of the Earth and has three major continents and a small ocean, the planet is hidden by the two binary stars[4]. This is unlikely that the Xenormorphs originated from this planet, it is unknown how they arrived if they were intentionaly imported, if they are part of an experiment that had gotten out of control or from a crashed ship, the Xenomorphs made this world their own and build the gigantic hive that will house the Queen Mother[5]. For many years Yautjas used to kidnap facehuggers from Queens and take them off world to spread on another planets in order to breed Xenomorphs for hunting. In the 2190s, an expedition led by Billie, Wilks and a synthetic of Ellen Ripley land on the planet to abduct the Queen Mother[6], starting a civil war between two young Queen Mothers[7]. An expedition led by billionaire Daniel Grant in order to retrieve Royal Jelly, to synthesize a highly addictive drug called Xeno-Zip, land in the middle of this "civil war" and nuked the Red Xenomorphs hive killing the Red Queen Mother, queenless the rest of Red Xenomorphs were eradicated by the blacks[8]. At some point the Yautja Dark and his clan headed to the planet for the greatest hunt yet followed by the Weyland-Yutani CorporationSpecimen 6 is seen being transported off BG-386 on board a vessel of Weyland-Yutani design[9].

Flora and Fauna

The planet has very minimal vegetation[1].

The planet hosts several indigenous life form such as some kind of avian, mammal or reptile species most likely to play host for Xenomorphs[5], however an unnamed species is known to compete with Xenomorph thus becoming their only natural predator.

While not native, Xenomorphs made this planet their own, the creatures here are stronger and quicker than their off-world counterparts. Some Xenomorphs appears to have exoskeletons of varying hues maybe depending from which hive they come from but there are theories saying the color shift is a byproduct of chemical pheromones released in the presence of other hives[5]. Several Xenomorph types are known to live here such as Facehuggers, Royal Facehuggers, Chestbursters, Crushers, Praetorians, Queens, Empress, Palatines and Queen Mothers. Human and Predator spawned Drones as well as Runners won't be naturally found on the planet, this is because these Xenomorphs require a host not native to the planet and thus it would not be their "homeworld" unless the hosts required for above were to visit or be taken to the planet.

Climate and Terrain

While being caught in a constant state of dusk, the climate is quitely hot and humid and the atmosphere is breathable for humans.[1]

While the terrain is mostly flat, the planet is covered with shallow salty seas and swamps, and desertic wastelands.[1] The areas overun by Xenomorphs are also covered with Hive resin.


Key resources: Royal Jelly, Xenomorphs [1]

Points of Interests

Except for the Queen Mother hive and several other hives, there are not many points of interest on the planet.

Behind the Scenes

Xenomorph Prime, or the Alien/Xenomorph Homeworld is dealt with in the four first Aliens comics series and in the 2010 video game Aliens vs. Predator.

Some different examples of its habitats are shown in the comics, including mountainous terrain (Aliens: Book 1), desert-like steppes with some greenery (Aliens: Genocide), swamps (Aliens: Female War, Aliens: Genocide) and caves (Aliens: Genocide). Also, some examples of other Xenomorph Prime indigenous species are also shown in these series. There are about four different examples of hives shown in each of the locales.

Queen Mothers: On the issue of the Queen mother of Xenomorph Prime. As per the comics, there was a sort of "super" (not the word used for it in the comics) Queen Mother on the planet that was sending signals out to all the Aliens, at least the ones who had taken over the earth, including the Queens on earth—her signals were also being received somehow by the synthetic Ellen Ripley. This one was captured at its swamp-like hive by Wilks, Billie and the Ripley synthetic, brought back to earth and destroyed. This did serious harm to the Aliens on Earth but did not wipe them all out (all of this information from Aliens: Female War).

Meanwhile back on the Xenomorph homeworld, once the Super Queen was dead, the Royal Guards split into two factions with two newborn Queens (one red-colored and one black, though the comics editors have said the coloring was just to be able to tell apart the factions and didn't necessarily need to be taken as literal). This lead to a genocidal war between the two factions (red and black) of Xenomorph on the homeworld (this according to Aliens: Genocide). After the earth had been reclaimed from the Xenomorphs (which took about two years according to Aliens: Crusade), a Grant Corporation mission to the homeworld sent to try and capture one of the Queens disrupted the war, killing one of the Queens. Meanwhile, Xenomorphs and their hives continued to dot the cosmos.

Hives: The mountainous, temple-like hives on Xenomorph Prime was first depicted in Aliens: Book One. The design was reused in the first AVP comics series for a hive on another planet, then multiple other Aliens comics (such as Aliens: Hive and Aliens: Labyrinth), and eventually in the AVP 2010 video game. The construction of such a hive was shown in Aliens: Theory of Alien Propagation.

Another form of the Alien hive, made up of four pod-like spherical structures connected via rocky tethers in swamp-like area, was first introduced in Aliens: Female War as the home of the Queen Mother and shown again in Aliens: Genocide. The construction of such a hive was shown in Aliens: Genocide.




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