When the colony of Hadley's Hope was overrun by a horde of Xenomorphs in July of 2179, the Onager was used as a makeshift escape vehicle that traveled to, and ultimately crash landed on, LV-223. Before escaping LV-426, Xenomorphs snuck aboard the ship, eventually creating a hive within before unleashing terror on the surviving colonists who were stranded on LV-223.

A hive was later constructed and the Xenomorph species soon became a natural inhabitant of the moon, attacking and impregnating other wildlife.

40 years later, hundreds of Xenomorphs were now present on the moon and had ambushed and killed most of the crew of the Geryon, aside from Captain Angela Foster, Chris Hanlock, Jill and Galgo Helder, who were able to survive on the desolate moon for an entire year. A variety of different Xenomorphs became present on the moon due to a multitude of hosts for impregnation as well as possibly the presence of the Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15, that began mutating the creatures. Most notable specimens were the ones that possess their usual dome heads but with the back splits off and what almost seems to be eyes. Additionally, the hive's Queen had a different head crest to normal ones.

However, the black liquid had also infected the creatures, making their newborns grotesquely deformed and live only for a few seconds after birth, indicating that the species was ill or dying. This resulted in the Xenomorphs kidnapping Chris and impregnating her with a Queen in hopes of revitalizing the hive.



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