A bottle of Xeno-Zip.


Xeno-Zip,[1] commonly known by its street names fire[1] or jelly,[2] is a powerful performance-enhancing drug derived from Xenomorph Royal Jelly. Although humans have almost successfully synthesized Royal Jelly, its effects are highly unstable unless a tiny quantity of pure, natural Royal Jelly obtained from a Queen Mother is present, as some more complex compounds that have yet to be artificially produced, would complete it. This fuels a significant black market in natural Royal Jelly, and eventually attracted the attention of the United States Colonial Marine Corps for their own uses. 


The effects of this powerful drug can be helpful in a life or death situation but may also cause the user to be a threat to others around them including themselves. The effect onset is rapid; merely a few seconds after ingesting and lasts 3 hours. Xeno-Zip is also addictive and anecdotally caused boosted mood and confidence where a user felt like a god, whether this is psychological or chemical in nature is unknown. The effects are listed below:

  • Incredible speed and augmented agility.
  • Super strength (possibly matching a Yautja's).
  • Complete rage (Caused by artificial ingredients that replace the Royal Jelly when Royal Jelly is not available).
  • Primal instincts with enhanced reflexes.
  • Feels no pain or close to no pain.
  • Increased hostility in contact with Xenomorphs.
  • Decrease in mental stability.

The effectiveness of Xeno-Zip varies based on dose and also on the individual. Some exhibit minor enhancements in performance with a standard dose, meanwhile those sensitive to the drug can become completely frenzied, and will continue to operate for periods even after suffering extreme injuries such as loss of limb and gunshot wounds, until such injuries kill them. The effects increase dramatically with an increased dose. An Olympic runner, who had an otherwise normal reaction level to Xeno-zip, managed to sprint in excess of 40 miles per hour after ingesting a double dose. The 'high' also wiped out all higher reasoning, fixating on the urge to run, causing the sprinter to continue past the track end and smash through a brick wall, killing himself in the process.

Humans who ingest Xeno-Zip also attract extreme aggression from any Xenomorphs they may encounter. The Xenomorph will not attempt to subdue for Facehugger implantation, and will savagely tear the victim limb-from-limb, even continuing to attack the corpse after they have died. The reason for aggression is that Xeno-Zip can come from rival hives, therefore Xenomorphs of a different hive will display a high degree of aggression. The MedTech's bloodhound Ol' Blue, crushed a man to death with only its head once it smelled Xeno-Zip on him.



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