X: Hell Night, originally simply X #18 and also known as Predator vs. X, is an issue of the comic book series X featuring the Predator that was published by Dark Horse Comics in September 1995. It was written by Steven Grant, pencilled by Christopher Renaud, inked by Andrew Pepoy, colored by Gary Porter, lettered by Dave Cooper, and edited by Greg Vest, with cover art by Frank Miller. The comic was also released with a variant cover, featuring the same artwork by Miller with the alternate title Predator vs. X. The comic was preceded by a teaser included at the end of the previous issue X: Comeback.

X: Hell Night was a part of the Hunting the Heroes: The Predators Attack! comic book crossover event, in which several of Dark Horse's home-grown characters from its Dark Horse Heroes line were hunted by a band of Predators visiting Earth in search of exceptional prey.

In the overall Dark Horse crossover comics line, X: Hell Night was preceded by Ghost: Trophy Ghost, Motorhead #1 and X: Comeback, published concurrently with the Superman vs. Aliens and Agents of Law #6, and was followed by Tarzan versus Predator: At the Earth's Core.

Publisher's Summary[]

In the last comic of the Hunting the Heroes storyline, X is pursuing One Shot when he finds he's got someone on his own tail! Predator has found his way to Arcadia, and he's looking to bring a couple of souvenirs back with him!


The titular hero, X, is confronted by a Predator while he tracks down one of his major enemies. X realizes that the Predator is also stalking his foe, but for a much different reason. This brings X into conflict with the Predator, resulting in a bloody battle.

During the course of the conflict, X's foe inadvertently kills himself with his own weaponry while trying to defend himself from the Predator. Despite his severe wounds, X manages to get ahold of the Predator's Combistick and vertically impale the Predator from head to groin with it, killing it.

In the aftermath, X learns that a massive wave of attacks by Predators are occurring throughout the Dark Horse universe.

Reprint History[]

After its initial publication as X #18, the series received its current title, X: Hell Night, when it was eventually collected as part of X Omnibus: Volume 2 in August 2008.


  • The last page of the preceding X issue, X: Comeback, teases the titular character's upcoming confrontation, showing the Predator from Hell Night arriving on Earth.


Variant covers[]