X: Comeback, originally simply X #17, is an issue of the comic book series X featuring the Predator that was published by Dark Horse Comics in August 1995. It was written by Steven Grant, pencilled by Javier Saltares, inked by Andrew Pepoy, colored by Gary Porter, lettered by Dave Cooper and edited by Greg Vest, with cover art by Saltares.

Although not ostensibly a Predator crossover story, it features a Predator on its final page as a cliffhanger set-up for the subsequent story X: Hell Night, which was a part of the Hunting the Heroes: The Predators Attack! crossover event.

In the overall Dark Horse crossover comics line, X: Comeback was preceded by Batman versus Predator II: Bloodmatch, published concurrently with the Superman vs. Aliens, Ghost: Trophy Ghost and Motorhead #1, and was followed by Agents of Law #6 and X: Hell Night.

Publisher's Summary

The streets of Arcadia are strewn with filth, but it's earned its dirty reputation from the garbage in City Hall. The city's protector, X, has plans to clean house, but first he's got to deal with a group of government-sanctioned mercenaries led by Headhunter. They've come to take Hothouse Rose home... dead or alive!

Reprint History

After its initial publication as X #17, the series received its current title, X: Comeback, when it was eventually collected as part of X Omnibus: Volume 2 in August 2008.


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