"So this is a gas station?"
"Essentially, yes. Mass haulers and colony ships, primarily. Anything that burns a lot of propellant escaping its gravity home.
Zula and Davis (from Aliens: Defiance)

The Wright-Aberra fuel depot was a large midspace fueling station orbiting the star GL1401B in the Far Reach. It was used to refuel mass haulers, colony ships, and any craft that burned large amounts of propellant escaping a gravity well.

The fuel depot was massive in size, and contained short-stay housing, food service, a security force, storage bays, and common areas that facilitated hundreds, if not thousands, of inhabitants. The station was kept at about point eight of Earth's gravity.


In 2138, a colony hauler came into the fuel depot packed with impregnated refugees from a conflict zone. The Xenomorph infestation spread to common areas and on into other ships in berth. Three ships took off while the rest were held back.

Stolen data from Weyland-Yutani flagged this space station as a possible contagion breakout point. One month later, while looking for survivors in the Alien-infested fueling depot, Zula and Davis discovered a lone medical officer, Dr. Hollis, hiding in the bowels of the station.

However, they are not the only ones, who are here. The Weyland-Yutani's team (24 Colonial Marines, and at least three Wey-Yu employees) arrived with a Conestoga class ship. The Company's team board the station via a dropship, their goal is to capture Xenomorph samples (not necessary live specimens, some body parts could be enough). Zula, Hollis and Davis set loose the isolatated Aliens, to cover their own escape (they thought that the marines were after them, not for the specimens). The marines first try to capture some Drones, via electroshock bullets from an M56 Smartgun but they fail miserably. The soldiers shoot down multiple Xenomorphs, and obtain an upper Drone body but they also suffer high casualties.

Meanwhile Zula and Davis learn the plan of their enemies, so they launch a torpedo to destroy the Marine's Dropship. After this, Hollis opens the oxygen containers and set on fire the fuel containers, making the station a giant bomb. While Zula and her two partner escape with the Europa, the remaining soldiers and Aliens are not that lucky, all of them die during the explosion.