Wolf was an Elite Yautja from the Elite Clan. He was dispatched by his clan elders along with Dark and one other to BG-386, to investigate a distress call sent by the Young Blood Pack. He is arguably the main antagonist in the Alien campaign in the 2010 video game Aliens vs. Predator, although he makes no appearances until the battle between him and the player at the end of the game.

Wolf was the host used by Specimen 6 to create the Abomination, which would later be slain by Wolf's hunt brother, Dark.


Wolf was one of the Elites that often oversaw the initiation rituals undertaken by Young Bloods wishing to join the Elite Clan. He was present, along with clan leader Spartan and fellow Elite Hunter, during Dark's initiation, when the Young Blood defeated and killed several Xenomorph Warriors in a ceremonial temple and thereby earned the rank of Elite and a rightful place with the clan.

Later, Wolf, the newly promoted Dark and one other Elite were sent to BG-386 to investigate a distress call sent by a group of Young Bloods who landed there to take part in their first hunt. Upon arriving at the planet, the Elites destroyed the USCM ship in orbit around the planet, the USS Marlow, and then split up as they went down to the surface. Wolf almost immediately tracked down two of the Young Bloods, who were battling a swarm of Xenomorphs in an ancient Yautja combat arena. Wolf arrived too late to save the inexperienced Predators, but immediately leapt into battle, determined to avenge his fallen brethren. The majority of the Xenomorphs fled; all but one particular individual, Specimen 6. The two creatures engaged in a ferocious duel, Wolf showing great mastery in Wristblade melee combat and the use of the his Plasmacaster.


The Facehugger impregnating Wolf.

Wolf used his strength and intelligence to outwit and eventually overpower Specimen 6, but made a grave mistake when he taunted the apparently defeated creature instead of finishing it quickly. The Warrior rallied its strength and impaled Wolf with its tail, crippling him. As he lay wounded and unable to defend himself, the Specimen 6 removed his mask and allowed a Facehugger to attach itself to him. The embryo successfully planted inside him would later hatch and mature into the Abomination, which would ultimately have to be destroyed by Wolf's less experienced hunt brother Dark.


  • Wolf constitutes one of the seven "boss" characters in the game (designated by an on-screen bar showing their health during the player's battle with them). The others are the Matriarch, an unnamed Predator, two Praetorians, Karl Bishop Weyland and the Abomination.
  • Wolf shares his name and appearance with the lead Predator in the film Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem. However, as both Predators die in their respective media, they cannot be the same character, and the video game incarnation is likely an homage to the movie.
  • Wolf is a multiplayer skin in the game, unlocked when players reach Rank 25.
  • As with the other Predators in the game, Wolf's name is taken from his multiplayer skin. In the Alien campaign, where he is fought, he is referred to simply as "The Elite".
  • Wolf has a scar on his face, which is only seen when Specimen 6 has removed his mask at the end of the level Ruins, in the Alien Campaign.



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