William Gibson's Alien 3[1] is a five-issue comic book adaptation of William Gibson's unproduced script for Alien3 that was first published by Dark Horse Comics from November 2018-March 2019. It was also published simultaneously in the digital format via Dark Horse Digital. It was written by Johnnie Christmas, based on the original screenplay by William Gibson, and was illustrated and inked by Christmas, colored by Tamra Bonvillain, lettered by Nate Piekos and edited by Daniel Chabon, with cover art by Christmas. Paolo Rivera, James Stokoe, James Harren, Daniel Warren Johnson, Tradd Moore and Christian Ward also provided variant covers for various issues.[2]

As with the later audio drama adaptation of Gibson's unmade script, the comic book is based on the second draft screenplay, which differs substantially from his more widely-known first draft.

In the Aliens comics lineWilliam Gibson's Alien 3 was preceded by Aliens: The Essential Comics Volume 1, published concurrently with Aliens: Resistance, and will be followed by Aliens: Rescue.


This is the official adaptation of the original screenplay for Alien 3, written by William Gibson, the award-winning science fiction author of the cyberpunk cult classic Neuromancer. You'll see familiar characters and places--but not all is the same in this horrifying Cold War thriller!

Publisher's Summary

#1: After the deadly events of the film Aliens, the spaceship Sulaco carrying the sleeping bodies of Ripley, Hicks, Newt, and Bishop is intercepted by the Union of Progressive Peoples. What the UPP forces don't expect is another deadly passenger that is about to unleash chaos between two governmental titans intent on developing the ultimate Cold War weapon of mass destruction.

#2: With the Sulaco containing more than meets the eye, the U.P.P. team looks to find out what happened to Ripley, Bishop, and company. At the same time, the group on the Rodina have discovered that one of their own — Kurtz — may be infected on Anchorpoint, and uses the captured Bishop as a ransoming piece for Kurtz's return, who the Rodina crew view as a potential weapon.

#3: The crew of the Rodina quickly find themselves in a dire situation as the U.P.P. side have an unwelcome guest aboard their ship. Meanwhile, the powers that be on the Sulaco look to replace the crew with the recently recovered android, Bishop. As they push the limits of ethics and morality, the crew decide something must be done.

#4: Suddenly, both the Rodina and Sulaco find themselves in a state of complete chaos, as the controlled environments go completely awry. When Hicks, Spence, and crew attempt to take matters into their own hands by expelling the Xenomorph embryos, they find that they may be too late.

#5: In this action-packed conclusion, all hell breaks loose for the crew of the Sulaco as it turns out the xenomorph isn't the only monstrous threat. In a race against time our heroes have to fight their way off the ship before they are picked off one by one.



Kurtz discovers Bishop's torso.

Following the events of Aliens, the USS Sulaco crosses into socialist-state U.P.P (Union of Progressive Peoples) territory, and a ship swiftly boards the Sulaco for inspection. Three UPP commandos Kurtz, Juanito and Chang explore the interior of the ship and discover Bishop's severed legs and later the Hypersleep chambers containing Ripley, Newt, Hicks and Bishops upper-torso. Upon reaching Bishop and opening the chamber, however, Kurtz notices that his torso was fostering an Alien egg, and a Facehugger swiftly leaps out and subdues him. In the panic, Juanito and Chang take Bishop's torso and retreat back to their ship, leaving Kurtz.

Later, at the space station Anchorpoint, Sergeant Jackson interrupts 'biolab tech' Tully and Spence's "downtime" to tell them that they have encountered the Sulaco and that two members of Weyland-Yutani's weapons division who recently arrived at the station, Kevin Fox and Susan Welles, demand a full biohazard containment procedure, with Tully leading the operation.

Meanwhile, first officer Rosetti is having a conference with Fox and Welles. Rosetti notes that the two suspiciously departed from Gateway Station three days prior to the navigational error that caused the Sulaco to arrive in UPP territory, and that despite the fact that they are present to investigate the navigation error, he questions how they were able to leave early before the error had even occurred. Fox and Welles remain evasive. Rosetti accuses the two of deliberately sabotaging the Sulaco, and that their presence as military personnel, alongside the Sulaco incident, violates the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty made between Weyland-Yutani and the UPP.

Ripley attacks Tully, and is subdued by Fox.

The two suits explain that the decision to sabotage the Sulaco was made from "the top" and that the company had noted that the ship was returning to Gateway with "weapons-related" material. The decision was made to re-route the ship to Anchorpoint, and that the risk of UPP interference was worth it. Fox then informs Rosetti that they'll be personally accompanying the biohazard team.

Tully, Spence, Welles, Fox and other members of the team board the Sulaco whilst Jackson remains in ops room for surveillance. The team encounters the hypersleep chambers containing Newt and Ripley, with Ripley suddenly jumping to life and attacking the group. As she struggles with Tully, Fox manages to sedate her, rendering her unconscious. Shortly, afterwards Welles discovers the corpse of Kurtz. Fox and Welles subsequently take the corpse back to Anchorpoint's morgue for examination, discovering that his chest was ripped open.

Meanwhile, at the UPP station Rodina, colonel-doctor Suslov, alongside Chang is examining the torso of Bishop, projecting images of the Facehugger, which Chang states she recognizes. When the senior projects the image of a Xenomorph and asks if the latter also attacked them, Chang responds with no.


Hicks awake in the med-lab.

Back at Anchorpoint, a now awakened Hicks is seen sitting in the medlab smoking. Spence informs him that he isn't allowed to smoke, to which he responds with "yes, ma'am". As the two talk, Newt suddenly comes running into the room, frightened and demanding to know where Ripley is. Spence takes Newt and Hicks to see Ripley, who is comatose. Newt asks Spence if Ripley is dreaming, the latter responding with that she doesn't know. Newt cites that "its better not to".

Spence and Tully discuss the circumstances with the three survivors, with Ripley going into catatonic shock, Newt refusing to cooperate and staying silent, and Hicks repeatedly asking when he's going to be debriefed. Tully suddenly tells Spence to come over, noticing something concerning in his microscope when examining a sample from Bishop that he had taken.

Meanwhile in the station's eco-module, Newt is seen with Welles. Newt states that she would like to go to Africa. Welles responds that that can be arranged providing Newt cooperates under the circumstances they discussed, with Newt acknowledging "about not telling". Welles later tells Spence that Newt will undergo therapy at Gateway before returning to Earth to live with her grandparents in Oregon.


U.P.P officials Colonel-doctor Suslov, Kassel, diplomatic officer Rivera and Nevsky discuss matters to do with the Alien and the company.

Back at Rodina, several UPP officials are discussing the matter of their findings. They conclude that Weyland-Yutani is aware of the Alien and that the Hadley's Hope incident was related to the company's efforts attempting to acquire a specimen. As such, the company is violating the arms reduction treaty. Rodina diplomatic officer Rivera suggests they return Bishop, fully-repaired in exchange for the corpse of Kurtz and pretend to know nothing of the Xenomorphs. Rivera subsequently contacts Rosetti and informs Anchorpoint of unlawfully holding Kurtz. Rosetti feigns ignorance and makes mention of the UPP holding Bishop. Rivera responds that the UPP do not hold synthetics the status of 'citizens' and moreso 'machines' and that Bishop is being held in response to treaty violations when the Sulaco trespassed UPP territory. Rivera goes on to say that they will be returning Bishop to the station, giving Anchorpoint no justification of keeping Kurtz.

In the Anchorpoint biolab, Fox is called by Tully and Spence, who, after running tests on the samples with human DNA, make a shocking discovery. Despite compatibility tests with human DNA usually taking a minimum of fifty-three hours to complete, the sample, which Tully states "doesn't resemble biological material at all", eats away and absorbs the human DNA strand in a matter of seconds. Tully goes on to say that the two terminated the sample, much to Fox's outrage. Although Tully states that a major containment facility would be needed to run further tests, Fox responds with "this station is our containment facility".


Chang returning Bishop, unamused by Tatsumi's jeering.

A UPP interceptor lands at the docking bay, with Chang emerging to drop off the repaired Bishop. The group scan Bishop for any new circuitry and tampering and find nothing. Welles states that they should assume that the UPP have accessed his memories of the Xenomorph. Welles later visits Tully, examining the Alien sample in a containment tank, which is slowly growing into a miniature egg. Suddenly, a crack appears on one of the containment tanks and suddenly explodes, causing shock and Tulley and Welles to hit the floor. One of the samples suddenly implodes, causing a cloud of motes to be released into the air. Tully immediately yells for the two to be sent to "de-con". The two are subsequently sent to the decontamination room. Afterwards, Welles has Tully and Spence "off the project" and requests for Bishop to take over the lab.


Hicks and Newt say goodbye.

After saying her goodbyes to the unconscious Ripley, giving her a map of where to find her on Earth, Hicks, who was recently debriefed by Welles, bids Newt farewell, the two giving each other the thumbs up before Newt takes her leave and departs for Earth. Hicks is later called upon by Spence and other members of the station who tell him that they recovered Xenomorph samples from the Sulaco, with the company intending to clone it. Hicks joins the group in an effort to destroy the samples.

Back in the docking bay, a Xenomorph emerges from a cooler-grid that was previously retrieved from the Sulaco. Simultaneously at Rodina it is revealed that the Xenomorph specimen that the officials were growing in a containment tank, had broken loose and was causing havoc. Rosetti and Jackson attempt to contact Rivera to no success, but suddenly notice the battle cruiser Nikolai Stoiko approaching Rodina. Over in the decontamination room, a Xenomorph suddenly appears and kills a civilian.


An adult Xenomorph bursts from Welles and kills Rosetti.

Hicks, Spence and the others burst into the medlab and prompt Bishop to terminate the samples. Bishop cites that he was going to do it himself. Regardless, the samples are terminated just before Welles could interfere, leaving her in disarray. She attempts to attack Spence, but Spence swiftly punches her in the gut. Welles doubles over and spouts how the company is going to ruin her. However, before she could finish, she begins convulsing and mutating. Suddenly, a fully-grown adult Xenomorph bursts from inside Welles and tears her apart, revealing the decontamination procedure that Welles and Tully took were a failure.

Fox reaches a ship only to make a gruesome discovery.

The Xenomorph suddenly grabs a stunned Rosetti and Headbites him before dragging him away, leaving the others shocked. Fox, seeing this from the ops room, destroys the room using his laser rifle. He subsequently heads to the docking bay and boards a ship, only to find the cockpit covered in hive resin and a nightmarish, bisected, half-mutated torso of a man. Fox looks on in horror as a Xenomorph lurks behind him. Spence searches for Tully, who, much to her dismay, finally discovers a semi-mutated Tully who locked himself in a cold store, sacrificing himself to prevent himself from transforming.

Hicks launches Ripley into space.

Meanwhile, sensing that Anchorpoint is doomed, Hicks grabs a still comatose Ripley and gives her Newt's map, putting her in a shuttle with coordinates to Earth. Although Bishop questions the possibility of Ripley being infected, Hicks says he'll take his chances, before launching her into space.

The group check the ops room and locate the Stoiko approaching Rodina. The Stoiko launches a missile into Rodina and destroys the whole station, but not before Chang manages to escape in a shuttle as the sole survivor. The group contemplate their hopes of survival, and suggest that the best thing to do is to blow up Anchorpoint. The colonist ship Kansas City is due for arrival shortly containing over three hundred colonists for a re-fuel. They decide to take a shuttle, set the station to self-destruct and wait outside the blast radius for the Kansas City to pick them. Hicks subsequently retrieves the AK-104 Suit Gun from Kurtz' corpse in the morgue.

Trco023 1550078042

Halliday attacked by an Alien.

In the eco-module, crewmember Halliday is searching for the lemurs present there, only to be suddenly attacked by the Welles-infected Xenomorph and tackled into a nearby stream. Hicks and Spence arrive, with Hicks firing a shot into the water whilst Spence yells her name.


The Bishop-spawned Xenomorph kills the Welles-Xenomorph.

With Halliday dead, Hicks and Spence reunite with the rest of the group and head to the docking bay and prepare the compression suits. Tatsumi is bitten by the Welles Xenomorph and begins mutating whilst Hicks enters a ship, to which he encounters a cocooned Fox in the interior. Hicks throws two grenades into the ship before shooting and killing Tatsumi. The Welles-Xenomorph suddenly emerges and impales Jackson, before being ambushed and killed by a normal Xenomorph. As the creature turns its attention to the rest of the survivors, Chang arrives in the UPP interceptor, guns down the Alien and rescues the remaining group, consisting of Spence, Hicks and Bishop. The interceptor leaves as Anchorpoint explodes behind it. Inside, Hicks questions if they were infected, to which Bishop confirms that they are not. However, Chang is dying of radiation poisoning due to narrowly escape the destruction of Rodina. As the ship docks the Kansas City, Bishop notes how humanity can now unite against a common enemy in the form of the Xenomorph threat, and cease warring with each other for a greater cause.



As part of Alien Day 2018, Dark Horse Comics teased an unnamed alternate Alien3 project.[3] At the time, it was immediately speculated that this would be an adaptation of Gibson's script; this was later confirmed to be the case when the comic was officially announced through Comic Book Resources.[4]

Reprint history

Issues 1-5 of William GIbson's Alien 3 will be collected in a hardcover format, and is set to be released on July 24, 2019. The hardcover reuses Johnnie Christmas' cover artwork from issue 1.


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