William "Will" Traeger[2] was a CIA agent and the head of Project Stargazer.


He tried to discredit everything Quinn McKenna experienced when he encountered the Fugitive Predator, and attempted to send him to an asylum for that purpose. He also introduced Casey Brackett into the project when the Fugitive Predator was caught.

He kidnapped Rory McKenna as part of a plan to get the ship of the Fugitive Predator, as he could understand the Yautja language. During a battle he put on a Plasmacaster, despite not really knowing how to use it, and therefore accidentally shot himself in the head with it.

Quinn McKenna takes over the project after his death.




  1. Traeger's actor's (Sterling K. Brown) height is 5ft 11 (180.3 cm), so that is also how tall Traeger would have been.
  2. James A. Moore. The Predator: Hunters and Hunted, p. 23 (2018), Titan Books.
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