The White hybrids were a race of genetically-engineered hybrid creatures created by the corrupted AI computer mainframe "TOY". The hybrids possessed traits of Xenomorphs, Yautja and humans.


Like Xenomorphs, they are a eusocial species with acid for blood. Like both humans and Yautja, they are an intelligent species capable of speech and the usage of tools such as firearms. Their method of reproduction is similar to that of the Aliens, using Facehuggers to impregnate hosts (even Xenomorphs).


The king caste seems to be the largest of the white hybrids, not much is known about how the kings function but they seem to be the leaders of the species. There was only one known king and he was killed by an Alien queen mother.


The drones seem to make up the bulk of the White Hybrids. They are smaller than the king but seemingly no less intelligent.


Onboard the Skyliner, the White Hybrids are engaged by the protagonists: Caryn Delacroix, the female Predator 'Big Mama', a group of mercenaries trained in the ways of the Predator, and an Alien Queen Mother (allied to the group due to Caryn carrying her last offspring - a royal chestburster).

The group of Protagonists wipe out most of the Hybrids, but are captured (with the exception of Caryn, who apparently dies after the chestburster erupts from her). The Hybrid King plans to use each of the group (including the Alien Queen Mother) as hosts for White Hybrid Queens to replace the killed warriors. However, the group is aided by the alien that came from Caryn - which is also a white hybrid but better resembles a Xenomorph - who battles the Hybrid King. As the group begin to escape during the battle, the Queen Mother (which has been impregnated with a White Hybrid chestburster) kills the Hybrid King by grabbing him right before the chestburster emerges, causing it to burst through the king as well and kill them both. (The Chestbuster is consequently killed by Big Mama). The white hybrid/white Xenomorph that aided the group leaves with Ash Parnell (formely Caryn Delacroix) and Big Mama.