Wendigo was a female Yautja part of the Widow Clan. She was nicknamed for her wild screaming and aggressive temperament, this in contrast to her hunting partner Shamana's calm and in-control demeanor. McIlveen describes her as being insane.

In The Rage War

Along with Shamana, she and her clan are pursued and hunted by beings even more fearsome than the Xenomorphs called Fire Lizards. She tries to attack the humans in the story, but is mortally wounded in the chaos she causes, chaos Shamana deigns not to participate in. Before she can activate her Self-Destruct Device, she is killed by McMahon.


  • It isn't actually known if Wendigo is female, as the humans cannot distinguish Predator sexes with any surety. This may suggest that males and females are not sexually dimorphic or at least not extremely.