Wells was a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps. He was part of a search and rescue mission sent to LV-426 aboard the USS Sephora in 2179 to investigate the disappearance of the USS Sulaco and its crew 17 weeks earlier. He was M.I.A. on LV-426.


Wells was one of the Marines who survived the destruction of the Sephora and Sulaco, making it safely to LV-426. During the 118th Battalion's assault against the Weyland-Yutani PMCs, he was fighting against the PMCs guarding the second Anti-Air Gun alongside Roberts and Matzke.

Corporal Winter, Corporal Hicks, and Private O'Neal soon arrived to assist to three Marines and together they eliminated the PMCs and destroyed the second Anti-Air Gun. Soon after, Wells and his squad were M.I.A.


Wells was outfitted with standard-issue M3 Pattern Personal Armor and an M10 Pattern Ballistic Helmet for protection; his armor was fitted with a TNR Shoulder Lamp attachment for illumination. He had customized his armor vest with the silhouette of an angel and the words "WATCH OVER ME" below it on the chest plate. He also carried two Combat Knives strapped to either side of his combat vest. Wells carried an M41A Pulse Rifle MK2 and an M4A3 Service Pistol.


  • Wells has the logo of the UKCM (an Alien-themed costuming group) on his left shoulder pauldron.
  • The presence of the UKCM logo on Maitland's armor suggests that the UKCM exists within the Alien universe. This was probably unintended by the developers of Aliens: Colonial Marines who most likely only used it as an easter egg. Despite this, there is a UKCM equivalent within the Alien universe, being the Royal Marines Commandos.
    • Furthermore, this could imply that Wells once lived in the Three World Empire/served within its military or has some other form of connection to the 3WE or its military.