Wascylewski, nicknamed Wassy by fellow crewmembers, was an Engineering Officer aboard the fuel depot Sphacteria orbiting the gas giant Pylos. His life in the far reaches of space is suddenly livened when the crew notice a mysterious vessel approaching the station.


The vessel

As Captain Hassan fails to contact an unknown approaching vessel, he asks Wassy why nothing on the ship seems to work, with Wassy shifting the blame to Rook. Hassan suggests they take a shuttle to the ship and investigate.


Wasyclewski realizes his mistake.

The crew board the ship and explore its interior. As the rest continue their exploration, Wascylewski notices a massive hole in the wall, citing that something had melted through the bulkhead. He eventually catches up with the group who are in a hypersleep room containing three humans. After Wassy tinkers with the system, Park flips the switch to open the chambers, only for them to begin violently overheating due to the coolant tank being ruptured burning those in the chambers alive. Wascylewski desperately searches for a fail safe as the crew breaks the chambers open and pulling the now horribly burnt and disfigured members out onto the floor. He begins staring at one of the victims as it begins going into shock, staring back at him.

After the crew bring the passengers to the Sphacteria, medical officer Harrow and Park are attempting to sedate the burnt passengers in life support. Wassy quickly leaves with a bottle of alcohol. Hassan stops him, citing that he can "get drunk on [his] own time" but now, he needs him to decipher the lone vessels logs and see what he can find. Though Wassy is clearly annoyed at this, Hassan tells him to stop pouting, as all of their careers are on the line now after Hassan broke protocol by letting three unlicensed passengers on their ship.


Wassy, alongside Hassan, Rook and Torrenson recovers data that reveals that the ship's last entry had them exchanging supplies for Chinese Yuan, with only frontier colonies in desolate space still using the currency. Wassy deduces that if the crew initiated emergency procedures aboard the ship, then the vessel would autopilot them to the nearest corporate location, in this case, the Sphacteria. Additionally, he identifies that the ship originally contained eight crewmembers, not three. Hassan is about to tell him to continue his analysis before Harrow calls Hassan to the medbay. The whole crew rush to the medbay where they see Park and Harrow attempting to hold down a seizing patient. Wassy looks on in horror as two of the three passengers birth Chestbursters that escape into the depths of the ship.

After an unknown period of time of searching for the creatures, Hassan is suddenly snatched up into a ventilation in front of Wassy, Park and Torrenson's very eyes. Park, Torrenson and Wassy all start weighing up their odds of survival. A panicked Torrenson wants to take a shuttle and retreat into the scavenger's vessel until rescue arrives whilst Park is concerned about Rook and Hassan still being alive. Wassy angrily breaks up the fight and an awkward silence ensues. The group decide to check up on Harrow, still in the med-bay surveying the last remaining passenger. The three hear a crash and rush to the med-bay where they are greeted with the fully awake passenger holding Harrow hostage with a scalpel by his neck. Park attempts to calm her down whilst Torrenson secretly goes for a stun baton. He lunges at the passenger but she is able to dodge. Torrenson fumbles into one of the operating tables, revealing one of the other passengers corpses to the female survivor. In a state of shock and rage, she brutally slits Harrow's throat and runs away. After Harrow bleeds out, the rest attempt to catch the female passenger. The group are too late, as they watch on as she takes a shuttle to her ship. The shuttles umbilical however, is still attached, causing it to be propelled back into the Sphacteria. Wascylewski jumps to the floor for cover as the shuttle explodes into the station.

The three quickly recover and Wassy yells at the other two to rush to the cargo hold. The three do so, and Wassy eventually retrieves a case containing mining charges, the crew's last hope for survival. Wassy intends to lock everyone in life support and "blow the struts from the main deck"; since the station itself is modular, they'll be able to use the module like a psuedo-lifeboat and wait for rescue. Park suddenly hears a noise within the darkness of the cargo bay, and a Xenomorph suddenly emerges and attacks the group. Torrenson, traumatized, runs from the scene. Wassy and Park run towards the observation deck in hopes of solace and Wassy begins closing the bulkhead, telling Park to hurry. Suddenly, a second Xenomorph emerges. Wassy looks on in horror and despair as the two Aliens incapacitate and kill Park whilst the bulkhead to the observation deck closes.

Sole survivor

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Wassy, alone in the observation deck.

Wascylewski spends a period of time in the observation deck with nothing but several packs of cigarettes. He later notices a terminal warning him that a threshold has been reached and requires immediate attention. Wassy puts on a compression suit, brings the case with him and takes a space walk across the station. After his walk, Wassey removes his space suit and anxiously approaches the corridors of the Sphacteria. As he turns a corner, he hallucinates a Xenomorph, only for it to turn out to be a mesh of pipes and machinery. As he recovers from his scare, a loose cord blasts steam into his direction, covering his field of view. As Wascylewski looks into the smoke-covered corridor, a real Xenomorph emerges from the mist. Wassy drops the case and runs into the medbay and hides, sitting down next to the corpse of one of the burned salvagers. He checks the countdown on his wristwatch, reading 04:03:25.


Wassy is met by the two adult Xenomorphs.


Wassy notices he forgot the case.

After recovering from the shock, Wascylewski realizes that he left his case in the hall after his encounter with an Alien. He returns to the hallway, with no signs of the creature, suddenly a hull breach results in him being violently pinned against the wall by a box. After a tremendous effort, Wassy was able to activate an emergency fail-safe and seal the bulkhead though his lack of oxygen results in him passing out.

After an unknown period of time, Wascylewski wakes to see the two adult Xenomorphs right on top of him, one of them dragging him by his heel.


Wassy in the hive.

When Wassy comes to, he finds himself cocooned in a nest next to an unconscious Hassan while the two Aliens that brought him there watch over the both of them. Wassy checks his wristwatch, reading 02:02:58. One of the Aliens begins approaching Wassy. Laughter in the distance suddenly lures both Aliens away, allowing Wassy to break free and escape the nest with the case he originally set out for. He looks back at Harrow, still unconscious and cocooned and reluctantly leaves him. Wassy follows the sound of the laughter, ringing out like a beacon, until he finds Torrenson, drunk, demented and alone, right before the two Aliens he purposely lured out emerge from the darkness behind him.


Wassy struggles with the Xeno.

Wassy runs away from the two Xenomorphs who grab and kill Torrenson. He reaches life support, puts on a compression suit from a locker and prepares the mining charges. Ready to make leave, he notices a bag containing a spare box of cigarettes in the locker. Wascylewski gives into weakness and takes them with him before an Alien bursts from a ventilation shaft above him and attacks him. In a fit of confusion Wassy pulls at the bag which accidentally brings the whole locker down onto the Xenomorph. This buys him enough time to detonate a charger and blow a wall into the ship, bringing him into the atmosphere of space. Wassy's compression suit allows him to stick to the surface of the station, but the pursuing Alien emerges. As the creature closes in, Wassy detonates another charge, separating the life support module from the station. As Wassy hooks himself onto the module to stop himself slipping away into space, the Alien emerges again from the smoke, this time missing an arm with acid blood dripping everywhere. Wassy realizes this and unlocks a chamber containing several oxygen tanks. Wassy holds one up in front of the approaching creature and it's acid blood, floating through space collides with the tank, blowing Wassy away and the Alien into space.


Wassy embracing his last few hours of life.

Inside the module, now drifting aimlessly in desolate space, Wassy breathes a sigh of relief and takes out his pack of cigarettes. A terminal nearby suddenly warns that oxygen levels are critical and begins a countdown, starting at 04:02:56. Wassy, alone, smokes his last pack as the timer slowly counts down.


Wascylewski is a drab and humorless individual, preferring to keep to himself as much as possible than to socialize with his fellow crewmembers. He is far from diligent and prefers to avoid addressing any issues at hand, be that through passing his responsibility onto another crewmember or simply by drinking his problems away. A heavy smoker and a presumed alcoholic, Wassy's dull lifestyle in desolate space compliments his personality. That being said, he is not an amateur; regardless of his avoidance of given tasks, whenever he performs his duties as Engineering Officer, he resolves them swiftly and efficiently.




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