The Warrior yautja was tasked with a mission to stop the Super Predator Clan from destroying the Jungle Hunter clan, by killing the Xenomorph queen


The warrior was tasked with stopping the "nefarious" plan of the Super Predator clan when another Jungle Hunter, captured by the Super Predators, sent a warning signal before dying to his Clan Leader. En route to the temple, the warrior's Mother Ship was attacked by the Super Predators. Inside the ship, the warrior grabbed his Novice Blades and cleared some debris blocking his path to the escape pods. The warrior entered an escape pod which then detached from the ship.

Thanks to the escape pod, the warrior arrives near a Marine research facility. The warrior makes his way through the facility's security and defenses and equips himself with yautja Bio-Mask, Plasmacaster and armor which the humans stole from the temple. 

Eventually coming across his crashed scout ship, the warrior ventures inside where he defeats several super predators and their xenomorphs. The warrior then sets the crashed ship for self destruct and escapes the area. Finally entering the ancient yautja temple, the warrior defeats all of the super predators within and goes deeper into the xenomorph hive below where the captive queen is located.

The warrior eventually arrived at the Queen's Hive and she broke free from her restraints. The warrior outsmarted the Queen by causing her to crash into the pillars in the Arena which fell on her, leaving her open to be attacked. The warrior eventually defeated the Queen, broke her jaw with a kick and decapitated the Queen, taking her head as a trophy. The warrior was later picked up by his clan and he brought the head with him aboard their ship.


  • The Warrior appears without any body armor in the beginning of his quest against the super predators.
  • Storywise the Warrior is equipped with the Jungle Hunter armor, but is in Celtic armor when ariving at the Ancient Temple. By the end of his task, the Warrior is wearing Wolf armor.



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