Warrior,[4] also known as Ram,[5] was a Yautja, Lost Tribe's weapon master and Elder Greyback's right hand.[1] He was encountered by Mike Harrigan aboard the Yautja Mother Ship hidden beneath Los Angeles in 1997.


Warrior is one of the few Elites to have been forged by the 'Blood Ring', a combative fighting dating from the Amengis that forbid energy weapons only relying on mastery of melee weapons. And despite his Elite status, he continues to visit the 'Blood Ring' to keep his skills sharp, he forged himself the reputation of being among the toughest Yautja. When joined the Lost Tribe, he was one of the eldest members after Greyback, and became the Elder's most trusted right hand and weapon master for off-world missions. He also acts as the Lost Tribe's backup plan for taking down the most dangerous targets whenever necessary or handling unexpected situation. When regular hunters use a self-destruct device as a last resort, the Lost Tribe calls in Warrior. [1]

In 1997, when the Lost Tribe arrived on Earth, as all other members (except City Hunter), he hunted independently all around the globe. For the final hunt, Greyback decided to test the newly blooded in Los Angeles, so he kept watch in their Mother Ship to monitor City Hunter's progress. Greyback, concerned by the young Yautja unnecessary killing spree, almost made Warrior intervene to bring him back. After witnessing City Hunter's death in an honorable battle, he confronted Harrigan alongside his clan mates and spared him before leaving the planet to their homeworld.[6]


The Warrior was well-armed, carrying a significant array of melee weapons such as a battle axe, a combistick or a flail. While he still harbours the signature plasmacaster or an energy flechette in his gauntlet, he preferred the use of melee weapons due to his past in the 'Blood Ring'.[1]


  • A notable trait are Warrior's light blue skin patterns.