A Xenomorph Warrior snuck aboard the Cheyenne dropship Bug Stomper while it was landed at the colony Hadley's Hope on Acheron. It was responsible for killing the dropship's crew, consisting of Corporal Colette Ferro and Private First Class Daniel Spunkmeyer, and the subsequent crash of the dropship, which contributed to the explosion of the colony's Atmosphere Processing Plant.


Early life[]

As a Chestburster, the Warrior emerged from its host, one of the 158 colonists of the colony Hadley's Hope on Acheron that had been captured by Xenomorphs and impregnated by a Facehugger, in 2179.

Arrival of the Sulaco Marines and death[]

When the United States Colonial Marines from the USS Sulaco arrived to investigate the colony, they secured the colony's main complex, discovering all of the colonists, bar Rebecca "Newt" Jorden, to be missing. The Marines then traveled to the colony's Atmosphere Processing Plant to search for the missing colonists, leaving their UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship Bug Stomper and its crew — Corporal Colette Ferro and Private First Class Daniel Spunkmeyer — at the complex.

Spunkmeyer discovers slime

Pvt. Spunkmeyer discovers the saliva.

After the Marines were ambushed by Xenomorph Warriors inside the Plant, Corporal Dwayne Hicks radioed Ferro to tell her that they needed immediate evac as they were planning to take off and nuke the colony from orbit. However, before Pvt. Spunkmeyer could board the dropship, the Warrior snuck aboard, leaving saliva at the top of the ramp in the ship's payload bay. Pvt. Spunkmeyer got some of the salivae on his hand when he went to close the ramp and attempted to inform Cpl. Ferro, but she ignored him and told him to get to the cockpit.

BS Warrior extends inner jaw

The Warrior extends its inner jaw.

After closing the ramp, however, Spunkmeyer was attacked by the Warrior while the ship was in mid-flight, either killing or incapacitating him. Cpl. Ferro noticed that he was not talking via his headset, but she did not make much of it. The Warrior then opened the cockpit door. Ferro turned her head to face what she assumed was Spunkmeyer, saying, "Well, where the fu-", but was confronted by the Xenomorph, which curled its lips back to reveal its teeth and then opened its mouth to lunge at Ferro with its inner jaw. She unholstered her Heckler & Koch VP70 but was quickly killed by the Warrior, splattering her blood across the cockpit's windshield.

Bug Stomper crashes

The dropship crashes.

The Warrior was killed when the dropship, left with no pilot, crashed into the surface of Acheron, destroying the Marines' M577 Armored Personnel Carrier and doing several barrel rolls before rolling into and exploding in the Atmosphere Processing Plant.


The Warrior's actions not only caused the surviving Marines to lose their APC and much of their equipment, contributing to the loss of some of the Marines when the Warriors ambushed them again in the colony's main complex, but the dropship's crash also caused the Atmosphere Processing Plant considerable damage that contributed to its later meltdown and destruction that, ironically, doomed its own Hive.

List of Notable Victims[]


  • The Warrior only physically appears for 3 shots in the film, only 2 of which show it clearly.




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