The Walther PP (Polizeipistole, "police pistol") is a German-made semi-automatic pistol chambered in 7.65×17mm Browning SR, 9×17mm Short or .22 Long Rifle. The comapct variant, the PPK, is world-famous as the weapon of choice for the fictional character James Bond: author Ian Fleming's choice of the Walther PPK in many of the original James Bond novels directly influenced the pistol's popularity and notoriety.


The original PP (Polizeipistole) was released in 1929. It was designed for police use and was used by police forces in Europe in the 1930s and later. The semi-automatic pistol operated using a simple blowback action. The PP was designed with several safety features, some of them innovative, including a firing pin block and a loaded chamber indicator. The most common variant is the PPK (Polizeipistole Kriminalmodell, "police pistol detective model"), a smaller version of the PP with a shorter grip, barrel, frame and reduced magazine capacity. The smaller size made it more concealable than the original PP and hence better suited to plainclothes or undercover work. It was released in 1931.


In Predator, the Russian advisor uses a Walther PP to execute one of the the CIA hostages captured by the rebels in Guatemala. Anna is also briefly armed with a PP before being captured by Dutch.

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