"You know, man, if we ever make it home, I'm gonna do so much fucking cocaine."
Stans (from Predators)

Walter Stans[3] was a convicted serial killer who was kidnapped by the Super Predators and taken to the Game Preserve Planet in 2010. Together with the others dropped on the planet at that time, he attempted to find a way to escape and return to Earth.

Stans was killed when he attacked Berserker in order to distract the Predator so the other survivors could escape.


Death Row Inmate

Stans was a famous mass-murderer who was just days away from execution at the San Quentin State Prison; before his capture he was the third most wanted man on the FBI most wanted list as he was suspected of killing of thirty-eight people. He may have also committed crimes such as rape and consumption of a controlled substance as he said to Edwin that when he got home he would rape and take cocaine, although he may not have actually done this before it is a distinct possibility that he had. In a deleted scene available on the DVD and Blu-ray he proudly announces to the others that he's famous and was number three on the FBI's Most Wanted. He then admits to killing all 38 people to Cuchillo; when Edwin asks him why he did it, Stans replies "Well my lawyer said I was crazy, but you want to know the real reason: Why the fuck not?" Also in the Predators adaptation comic in the moment of attack to the Berserker Predator he says he killed guys bigger than the Predator.

He also expected the other members of his group to want his autograph. He provides more comic relief in the film than other members of the group, providing a cynical world view and seemingly enjoying what is left of his life and freedom.

Hunted & Death

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The Berserker Predator standing over Stans' body.

While running away from the Predator hounds Stans was pounced on by one of them. After stabbing it multiple times with his shank, Mombasa saved him by kicking the Hound away and shooting it to death. After this incident his feud with Mombasa ceased; Stans even becomes angered with Royce when his plan to flush out the Predators resulted in Mombasa getting killed, citing that even though Stans wanted Mombasa dead earlier in the morning, "It isn't this goddamn morning, is it?"

Stans was shot by the Berserker's Plasmacaster, but Stans lived because he stole Noland's armor and wore it under his prison jumpsuit, Stans then jumps on the Predator's back and tells the others to run, then stabs him in the chest several times with his shank. However, Berserker tosses Stans off, who laughs maniacally at the predator, goading the Predator to finish him. Berserker obliges by ripping out Stans' spine and skull while he was still alive. After the trophy claiming, Berserker roars in triumph.

Personality & Traits

Stans was only a few days away from execution when taken to the game preserve and was a vicious and violent individual, seen when fighting with Mombasa and stabbing the Predator Hound when it attacked him (although in the later circumstance he had little other choice). When speaking with Edwin he mentions that if he ever gets off the planet,he plans on doing a great deal of cocaine and rape many women. When Nikolai shows Edwin a picture of his children, Stans shows a tattoo of a naked woman with large breasts and after making a few crude comments, Edwin asks lightheartedly if it was a tattoo of his girlfriend; however Stans tells them it's his sister, much to the discomfort of the other two. He also doesn't know how to act towards women: Isabelle catches Stans staring at her, and he unabashedly says to her "Your ass is awesome."

Mombassa Profile

Stans had an antagonistic relationship with Mombasa

During a deleted scene in Noland's hideout, Stans tries to convince Isabelle to have sex with him, as he hasn't been able to have sex due to being incarcerated for so long. He tries to compel her by saying that it could be their last chance before they get killed. However his last act was a heroic one, jumping on Berserker's back, stabbing him repeatedly, while telling the rest of the group to run (presumably this act was to redeem himself for all the senseless killing and crimes he committed back on Earth before ultimately dying, or possibly out of his somewhat psychopathic nature). He laughs at the Predator, taunting him, showing a morbid sense of humor.

While Stans is a disturbed mass-murderer, he has enough common sense to realize that his best chance of survival is by working with the other humans transported to the game preserve planet. He does scuffle with Mombasa and demands a gun at knife-point (feeling it was unfair that he had only his shank to defend himself against the Predators), but other than this and bickering he manages to work reasonably well with the rest of the group.

Stans got along well with Edwin and apparently Hanzo, since after the group is attacked by the predators, Stans falls while fleeing and Hanzo picks him back up and helps him to safety.


"Bullshit! This is Bullshit, man! I want a gun!"
Stans (from Predators)
He appears to carry a "home" made shiv. However he laments that almost every other person has a firearm, while he is stuck with a crude knife. He even goes as far as to put his shiv up to Mombasa's throat in an attempt to take his weapon by force. As he made his way through the Predator camp, he appears to acquire a new blade that seemed to be used by the Predators for gutting prey. Stans quickly loses the blade when he trips over a log while running from the Predators' Plasmacasters.


  • It is odd as to why Stans took the protective vest from Noland's stockpile, but never bothered to get a weapon, it's likely he thought that Noland's armor would help him more in the long run.
  • Stans shares his first name with Walter Golic from Alien3. Additionally, both men are convicted murderers, and both are somewhat mentally unstable.
  • Despite the fact that Stans has some psychopathic tendencies, he doesn't appear to be an actual psychopath. As he claims he just killed his victims for no reason and not for revenge or out of insanity, though this was in a deleted scene. Behavior wise, he was able to work well with the others, only fighting before meeting the group and when wanting a weapon better than a shiv, believing he needed a gun to increase his chances of survival.




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