"You know, man, if we ever make it home, I'm gonna do so much fucking cocaine. I'm gonna rape so many fine bitches. I'll be like, "what time is it? 5:00? Damn. Time to go rape me some fine bitches." You know what I'm saying?"
Stans to Edwin (from Predators)

Walter Stans[4] was a convicted mass-murderer who was kidnapped by the Super Predators and taken to the Game Preserve Planet in 2010. Together with the others dropped on the planet at that time, he attempted to find a way to escape and return to Earth.

Stans was killed when he attacked Berserker, sacrificing himself to allow the other survivors to escape. He subsequently had his spine and skull brutally ripped out of him by Berserker whilst he was still alive.


Killing Spree and Pre-Hunt[]

"Well, my lawyer said I was crazy, but you want to know the real reason? Why the fuck not?"
Stans about why he had killed so many people. (from Predators)

Stans was an infamous mass-murderer who had killed 24 people.[5] However, it was suspected that he had killed either as many as 38, which he himself had claimed,[6] or 42 through three states.[7] At some point he got a drawing of his sister, Candy Lee Stans, tattooed on himselfes.[1]

He was originally detained in San Quentin State Prison and condemmed to death row execution by lethal injection after various denied appeals.[5] His lawyer attempted to plead him as crazy. Only two days prior to his execution, he was chosen by the Super Predators to be taken to the Game Preserve Planet to be hunted.[1] He was indicated as escaped.[5]


"I hear these stories about these experiments they run on cons. They stick drugs in your food and watch what happens."
Stans (from Predators)

Upon landing on the planet, he would go on to encounter RUF death squad officer, Mombasa, and would engage in a brawl with him. Just as Stans had the upper-hand, their fight was broken up after they encountered a group of fellow castaways led by Royce. Valuing strength in numbers, Stans and Mombasa joined them.[1]

The group would go on to encounter a strange altar with skulls. When the group began debating their circumstances, Stans speculated that perhaps they were part of a government experiment.[1]

Upon discovering that they were on an alien planet, Stans later began complaining about the lack of a gun. He suddenly lunged at Mombasa and held his shiv to his throat, demanding that he give him his AKM. Mombasa responded by putting a Colt M1911 to his jaw, citing that he was ready to die. Suddenly, the group were attacked by deadly quadrupeds known as Hell-Hounds. Stans attempted to flee, but was pounced on by one of the creatures. After stabbing it multiple times with his shiv, Mombasa saved him by kicking the hound away and killing it with his AKM.[1]

Stans and the group continued onwards and came across a campsite with a captive Predator bound to a monolith, before they are all suddenly attacked by three Super Predators - Berserker, Tracker and Falconer. Mombasa was killed and the group fled, falling over a cliffside and into a lake, escaping the hunters. Isabelle went on to reveal that she had heard a report 23 years prior of an encounter with one of the creatures in Guatemala.[1]

Stans and the others would go on to encounter Ronald Noland, a long-time survivor of the hunt, and he escorted them back to his home - an Abandoned Alien Drill. Noland revealed to the group that the Predators had been kidnapping personnel they deemed worthy to hunt, and then transported them to the Game Preserve Planet to kill for sport and to improve their skills. He also noted a "blood-fued" between the Super Predators and the Jungle Hunters. Stans asked Noland how long he has been stuck on the planet, to which he responded with "seven seasons". After Noland attempted to kill the group via smoke suffocation, Royce creates an explosion to earn the attention of the Predators. Noland was killed by the Tracker Predator, and Nikolai sacrificed himself to kill the latter as the group fled.[1]


"Die, you space faggot!"
Stans to Berserker (from Predators)
Normal sneakpeak74

The Berserker Predator standing over Stans' body.

Escaping from the drill with their lives, Stans celebrated the group's victory over Tracker, before being subsequently shot in the back by Berserker's Plasmacaster, though he unwittingly survived due to stealing Noland's armor chestplate, wearing it under his prison jumpsuit. As Berserker moved on to Royce and the others, Stans suddenly leapt on the Predator's back and began stabbing him in the chest with his shiv, telling the others to run. However, Berserker tossed Stans off, who laughed maniacally and goaded the creature to finish him off. Berserker obliged by ripping out Stans' spine and skull while he was still alive, roaring in triumph at claiming his trophy.[1]


When Isabelle Nissenbaum managed to leave the Game Preserve Planet and return to Earth, she reported that of the eight people, all proven killers, she was one of two who escaped.[8]

Personality & Traits[]

A sociopathic serial killer, Stans was arguably the most depraved member of the group (at least until Edwin revealed his true nature). Upon being asked why he committed such horrendous acts by Edwin, Stans nonchalantly replied with "Well, my lawyer said I was crazy, but you want to know the real reason? Why the fuck not?" Cuchillo expressed disgust towards Stans, citing that he at least killed for money, and not for the sheer sake of it.[1]

While Stans was a disturbed mass-murderer, he was not without common sense, and he realized his best chance of survival was by working with the other survivors. Beyond several moments of tension between him and Mombasa, he seemed to work reasonably well with the others. Upon being saved by Mombasa in the Hell-Hound attack, he even seemed to set aside his hatred for him, and scorned Royce for letting him die after being ambushed by the Predators.[1]

When speaking with Edwin, he mentioned that if he ever got off the planet, he planned on doing a great deal of cocaine and rape many women. When Nikolai showed Edwin a picture of his children, Stans showed a tattoo of a naked woman with large breasts. Edwin asked light-heartedly if it was a tattoo of his girlfriend; however Stans told them that it was his sister, much to the discomfort of the other two.[1]

He also displayed an affinity towards women; beyond the implications that he was a likely serial rapist, he also flirted with Isabelle, claiming that she had an "awesome" ass and tried to convince her to have sex with him in a deleted scene.[6]


"You know what? Fuck this. This is Bullshit, man. I want a gun."
Stans (from Predators)
  • Shiv
  • Noland's Breastplate

Stans was solely equipped with a homemade shiv. This was to his disdain, as his peers were armed with far deadlier weapons, and refused to share with him. He went on to steal Noland's breastplate, capable of shielding one's self from a blast from a Plasmacaster.[1]


  • Stans shares his first name with Walter Golic from Alien3. Additionally, both men are convicted murderers, and both are somewhat mentally unstable.
  • Stans' kill count is debatable. In The Chosen it is stated that he murdered 24 people. In a deleted scene from the film, he claims to have killed 38. He goes even higher in the comic, in which he states he had killed 42 men, two of them bigger than Predators.




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