"There's no such thing as a perfect human. In an insane world, a sane man must appear... insane."
Golic (from Alien3 Special Edition)

Walter Golic[1] was an inmate at the Fiorina "Fury" 161 Class C Work Correctional Unit, one of several who stayed behind after the facility was officially closed down by Weyland-Yutani. He was involved in battling a lone Xenomorph that was born in the prison in 2179.

A particularly disturbed individual, Golic was disliked even by the majority of the hardened criminals in the prison. In his deluded state, he came to see the Xenomorph as a captivating demonic figure, idolizing it as some sort of deity. While it is not clear what becomes of him in the theatrical version of the film, in the Special Edition he is killed freeing the creature after the other prisoners successfully trap it inside a nuclear waste dump.


Early life

Golic was born in 2145.[1] Prior to being sent to Fiorina 161, he was serving an indeterminate sentence in the Haverhill Asylum Facility for violent behavior. He was ultimately sent to Fiorina 161 for thirty-two separate counts of multiple murder and dismemberment, as well as thirteen counts of arson,[4] making him arguably the most dangerous criminal at the facility. Golic notably claimed that many of his victims begged to be killed.[1]

Encounter with the "Dragon"

"It was a dragon! It feeds on minds. It was- Nobody can stop it!"
Golic, ranting about the Dragon (from Alien3)

Golic's first encounter with the Xenomorph he would subsequently christen the "Dragon" was while on a routine survey expedition with Boggs and Rains. While attempting to map an abandoned part of the facility, the three inmates were attacked by the creature; Boggs and Rains were slaughtered, but Golic, drenched in Boggs' blood, managed to escape. Upon his return to the inhabited part of the facility, he was immediately suspected of being responsible for their disappearance, with Superintendent Andrews all but condemning him for their murder. Golic's feverish rantings about a Dragon that "feeds on minds" were met with scorn, and he was placed in a straitjacket and restrained in the prison's infirmary.


Golic is still in the infirmary when the Dragon attacks and kills Clemens, although he is spared. It is not entirely clear what becomes of him following this, although it is assumed that confirmation of the Dragon's presence meant he was released from his restraints. He was presumably then killed in the fire when the plan to burn the Xenomorph out of the vents with quinitricetyline went disastrously wrong.

Special Edition

In the Special Edition of the film, Golic remained restrained in the infirmary until after the Dragon was successfully trapped, under the guard of Morse. However, after Morse casually informed him of the Xenomorph's fate, Golic begged to be released, and eventually convinced Morse to untie his bonds. He promptly knocked Morse unconscious and, guided by a delusional belief that he should assist the Dragon, went to the waste tank where the creature was trapped. When he was denied access by Arthur, who had been placed on guard outside the door, Golic murdered him before opening the tank and asking the Xenomorph what it required of him next. The creature immediately killed him, before running free into the prison once more.

Golic's corpse was later found inside the waste tank by the remaining survivors.

Personality and Traits

"The guy's crazy, and he smells bad."
Boggs, describing Golic (from Alien3 Special Edition)

Prior to his incarceration on Fiorina 161, Walter Golic was diagnosed as a chemically-resistant paranoid schizophrenic.[1] Perhaps as a result of his mental instability, he was not well liked by the other inmates.[4] He was also somewhat simple,[2] and despite his slender frame had a habit of eating almost constantly, often messily.[5] As a result of his repulsive personality and poor personal hygiene habits, he was generally ridiculed and abused by the others at the prison, although he was treated more fairly by Murphy and Morse, whom he considered friends, as well as Dillon, who viewed Golic as "just another poor, miserable, suffering son of a bitch" just like every other inmate on Fiorina 161.[2]

Even so, Golic's delusional traits were acute, and following his first encounter with the Dragon he began to idolize the creature, deifying it as some kind of all-powerful messiah — it is not clear whether this idolization was based in part on the apocalyptic religious beliefs shared by the inmates, or solely a result of his mental instability. Golic's distinguishing mark was the small scar over his right eye.[4] According to Dillon, Golic has never lied to him which he explains to both Aaron and Andrews while Golic is in the infirmary.

Behind the Scenes

Golic the murderer

Among the more significant alterations to come from the numerous drafts of Alien3's shooting script was the removal of a more extensive subplot concerning Golic's psychotic reverence for the Dragon, and it's consequences for the other inmates. In the drafts featuring these additional scenes, the Dragon does not kill Golic when he releases it, but rather the creature runs straight past him and back into the prison.[6] Upon learning that the Xenomorph is free once more, Eric, William, Christopher and one other inmate plan to flee and take their chances outside on Fiorina's surface, and they meet up in the abattoir to make their escape. After deactivating several of the lights to draw Eric and Christopher off, Golic murders William and the fourth inmate with a knife, before also heading off after Eric and Christopher.[6]

When the Weyland-Yutani science team arrives, they are met by Golic, who takes them to the abattoir to show them the men he has killed. Later, when Michael Bishop is trying to convince Ripley to come with him in the lead works, it is Golic who attacks him, killing him with an axe before Weyland's commandos gun him down.[6]

Deleted cocoon scene

In another draft of the Alien3 shooting script, Golic is not killed by the Dragon when he releases it, but is cocooned alive by the creature in the prison's abattoir, where he is later found by Dillon and Morse.[7] The sequence — itself a scaled-down version of an earlier, far more elaborate Hive scene featuring numerous cocooned victims — was eventually removed from the script, and in the Special Edition the Dragon simply kills Golic before escaping back into the prison.


  • In the film, it is never particularly clear what Boggs, Rains and Golic are doing when they are attacked by the Runner, although it is suggested they are mapping an abandoned part of the facility. In the novelization, however, it is explained that they are foraging for overlooked provisions, left behind when the facility was shut down.[8]
  • Golic shares his first name with Walter Stans from Predators. Additionally, both men are convicted murderers, and both are somewhat mentally unstable.



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