Walter (model)

Walter is an advanced Synthetic companion that was manufactured by Weyland-Yutani in the early 22nd century. Walter is powered by AMD's (Advanced Micro Devices) RyzenTM and RadeonTM Instinct technology, with intelligence by SenseMITM technology.[1] A Walter model, initially designated Walter One by the company, was aboard the USCSS Covenant, with a large-scale colonisation unit, originally headed for Origae-6 in the early 22nd century.

Product Marketing

"Meet Walter, the world's most advanced synthetic companion."
―Product's tagline

Cognitive processing

Bring order to your life with Walter's unrivaled data processing, powered by AMD. Let him observe, analyze, and predict, so you can avoid trouble before it starts. Features included:

  • 360° environmental awareness
  • Strategic data conversion
  • Predictive behavioral analysis

Emotional intelligence

Walter has no emotional needs, but he's been engineered to perceive a full spectrum of feelings. He will understand and satisfy your every want. Features included:

  • Instantaneous psychological awareness
  • Micro-emotive facial expressions
  • Engineering Intuition by Radeon Instinct

Biosocial compatibility

Equipped with AMD's Ryzen and Radeon Instinct technology, each Walter is fine-tuned to your specific biosocial stamp - a customized companion as unique as you are. Features included:

  • Socio-genetic screenings
  • Unique personality configuration
  • Created to serve

Biometric regulation

With automatic updates and self-governing medical systems, Walter is the perfect hassle-free companion. Attentive and efficient. Features included:

  • Regenerative shell
  • Remote biofeedback transmission
  • Advance biosecurity

Available Units

Using the latest AMD-powered technology, Weyland-Yutani will analyze your personality and biometric markers to deliver the perfect Walter unit for your needs. After calibration is complete, a Certificate of Imprint verifies that your Walter unit has been created to serve you and only you alone.

A "certificate of imprint" for a WALTER (Marine) unit

A "certificate of imprint" for a WALTER (Marine) unit.

  • Teacher
  • Physicist
  • Sculptor
  • Architect
  • Adversary
  • Programmer
  • Manny
  • Caregiver
  • Manager
  • Marine
  • Lifecoach
  • Romantic
  • Chef
  • Basic Companion
  • Therapist
  • Trainer