the walled alien attacking ripley with one of it`s tentacle-arm like

The walled alien is a strange boss found in Aliens (1990 video game)


After Ripley passes the first hive and a lot of other types of Xenomorphs, she comes across drones hiding something, which is revealed to be a large alien.


Like many bosses introduced by konami, this boss seems unique among another xenomorphs across the game and also it`s attacks haven`t been seen before. It possess a giant incomplete mesoskeleton, two holes where the arms are supposed to be and it is suspended in the air by sticking to the wall. The xenomorph's color is blue at first but after taking some damage, it turns pink. Also the tentacles and the head will change color.

Behavior and attacks

Although it cannot move and its weak point is the head, it will attack with large tentacles formed by pink balls where the arms would and from the holes where the legs were supposed to be. Firstly, it will move its tentacles to try and hit ripley or attempt to grab her. Secondly, after of losing all of its limbs will began to launch massives waves of immature cocooned drones.

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