"You've come to hunt with us?"
Vk'leita to Machiko Noguchi (from Aliens vs. Predator: Prey)

Vk'leita[1] was a Yautja Leader.

He led a hunting party to the planet Ryushi, both so that several young un-Blooded Yautja students under his leadership could participate in their first Hunt, and to discover what had happened to a similar pack led by Dachande two years previously. He would go on to encounter the human Machiko Noguchi, and recruit her into Yautja culture.


"It was Blooded! A Blooded ooman! That couldn't be! It was not possible. But there was the mark, right there! and, and - the mark was - Dachande's. What the unholy pauk?"
Vk'leita regarding Machiko (from Aliens vs. Predator: Prey)

Vk'leita was a Leader who had partaken in hunts with fellow Predator Dachande, the former regarding him as a "good Leader and a strong warrior".[2]

After Dachande had gone missing, Vk'leita was sent by higher ranked Predators to investigate what happened. He went along with the Blooded warrior Ci'tde, and a pack of Un-Blooded as part of an initiation hunt.

The pack landed on Ryushi and Ci'tde led the youngsters on a scouting trip, leaving Vk'leita alone. Suddenly, he was approached by a human who announced herself as 'Da'dtou-di' (meaning small knife). Though Vk'leita remained cautious, he was fascinated by the human's appearance and the similarities it bore with that of a hunter, also acknowledging the confidence that she carried.[3]

Vk'leita would go on to ask Da'dtou-di if she wanted to hunt with his pack, the latter eagerly accepting.

Personality and Traits[]

Vk'leita seemed to dislike his role as a mentor to other hot-headed Un-Blooded, and preferred being away from them.[4]

Despite initially remaining cautious towards Machiko, Vk'leita was ultimately fascinated by her, and would go on to eagerly enrol her into Predator culture. He was particularly enthusiastic about the possibilities of learning the ways of the 'ooman', and having Machiko exchange cultures with his clan.[5]



  • In the comics, the Yautja that led the investigation to Ryushi was actually Top-Knot. However, as his name had not yet been revealed until the short Aliens vs. Predator: Blood Time, Vk'leita was seemingly created within the novel to fill this role.