Vincent Ward ONZM (born February 16, 1956) is a New Zealander film director, screenwriter and artist who co-wrote the 1992 film Alien3 with David Giler, Walter Hill and Larry Ferguson. He was at one point attached to direct the film. He is perhaps most famous for producing an earlier, undeveloped script for the third film in 1990, co-written with with John Fasano. Ward's script was set on a wooden planetoid called Arceon, inhabited solely by an order of reclusive, technophobic monks.


Year Title Functioned as
Director Writer Actor
1978 A State of Siege GreenTick GreenTick RedCross
1984 Vigil GreenTick GreenTick RedCross
1988 The Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey GreenTick GreenTick RedCross
1992 Map of the Human Heart GreenTick GreenTick RedCross
Alien3 RedCross GreenTick RedCross
1995 Leaving Las Vegas RedCross RedCross GreenTick
1996 The Shot RedCross RedCross GreenTick
1997 One Night Stand RedCross RedCross GreenTick
1998 What Dreams May Come GreenTick RedCross RedCross
2004 Spooked RedCross RedCross GreenTick
2005 River Queen GreenTick GreenTick RedCross

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