Vega 4 was a planet orbiting the star Vega in the Cygnus constellation. By the 25th century it had been colonized by humans, and was the site of a Xenomorph infestation and Yautja Hunt inside the city of New Shanghai in 2493.


Workers were digging a new subway tunnel when they uncovered dormant Xenomorph eggs. The colonists were helpless against the Alien horde. They sent a distress call to the Earth-based authorities.

The distress call was received and understood by a passing spacecraft. The Predators were in search of big game. They had been thinking of hunting humans, but now they would be up against more challenging prey...


The Streets[]

This was the location where the Predator Hunt began, in the streets of New Shanghai. Once the aliens had been cleared from the streets, their underground hive would have to be destroyed before the city would be free of them.

The Sewers[]

This area beneath the city was infested with many types of Xenomorphs, including Facehuggers and the unique Chrysalis alien that hid in the waste water.

The Cliffs[]

After the sewers had been cleared of aliens, the city of New Shanghai was free of Xenomorphs, but they had infested the forests as well. The Predators continued to hunt down the aliens at a waterfall located outside the city, facing a powerful Gorilla Alien at the bottom of the cliffs.

The Waterfall Basin[]

The Predators discovered an Alien hive at the base of the waterfall. While at this point, a number of human victims could still have been rescued, at the end of the basin the Predators faced a very large number of Chestbursters, most likely indicating the last captured colonists had just died.

The Spaceport[]

While all the aliens in the city and in the countryside had been hunted down by the Predators, one site of infestation remained. The last nest of the aliens was at the planet's spaceport, guarded by a Flying Queen.