"She keeps saying, 'El Diablo vino por ellos.' The Devil came for them."
―Det. Cantrell (from Predator 2)

Vega's mistress was the sole survivor of the City Hunter's rampage through her lover Ramon Vega's apartment in Los Angeles in 1997.


Apartment rampage

Vega's mistress was making love to Vega when several heavily armed members of the Jamaican Voodoo Posse burst into the apartment, seeking to kill Vega as part of the ongoing drug war between the Jamaicans and his Colombian Scorpions organization. Vega was strung up by his ankles from the ceiling and his mistress was made to watch, both still naked, as the Jamaicans ritualistically cut out his heart.

It is not clear whether the Jamaicans planned to kill Vega's mistress or let her go, but before they could act the City Hunter burst in and slaughtered the Jamaicans in short order. However, Vega's mistress, being unarmed, was spared.


The mistress was later discovered by Detective Lieutenant Mike Harrigan and his team of detectives, and was taken into police custody as a witness. However, on her way to the hospital she was abducted by Peter Keyes and his men, who interrogated her regarding the Predator that she had seen.[3]



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