General Vassili Rykov was a former Colonial Marine and leader of the private military contractors known as the Iron Bears. He serves as one of the main antagonists in the 2001 video game Aliens versus Predator 2. He is voiced by Jeff Steitzer.


In 2211, Rykov was a Colonial Marine stationed at a Weyland-Yutani bio-weapons facility on the planet Korari when it was attacked by the Yautja known as Prince. Rykov was severely injured; he was paralyzed until he underwent an experimental procedure which replaced his spinal column with a synthetic equivalent. The treatment was only partially successful; Rykov had to take powerful black-market narcotics in order to function. He hence became obsessed with wiping out the Predator race.

In 2230, Rykov handled security at the Weyland-Yutani facility on LV-1201 with the Iron Bears. Rykov's hatred of the Predators culminated in a climactic battle within the Xenomorph Hive on LV-1201: Rykov, piloting the Exosuit "Alice" to cover his team's escape from the planet, challenged a young Predator to a duel. The Iron Bears successfully escaped, but Rykov was himself killed by the Predator, who kept Rykov's spine as a trophy.

Personality and Traits

Vassili Rykov appeared to be a 50 to 60-year-old man with a strong Russian accent. He held an intense hatred for the Predators after one of shot him with a Plasma Caster, which forced him to have major surgery to replace the spine. His synthetic spine caused him great pain and he needed to take medication regularly, though he preferred not to so he could keep his mind sharp.

As a veteran soldier, Rykov commanded a lot of respect from his men.


Rykov would use a variety of weapons. His primary weapon is the M41A pulse rifle and the M92 grenade launcher. He also uses M4A4 pistol and an shotgun. When Vassili went up against the prince he wield the exo-suit.

Journal Entries

Entry 1

I have seen enough. The Zeta site is not Pilot technology. The scientists have dated the artifacts found there. They are young - hundreds of years old at most. I recognize the carvings. It is my enemy. Returned.

I should have anticipated as much. This land is too rich with trophies; it is perfect for their kind. Still, I will not fail this time. Although the scientists do not understand the full technology, they have already begun to unravel the strange gear. Given time, we will find their weakness. Given time.

Entry 2

The attack has begun. Our modified EMP grenades work. It is fitting that we use their own technologies against them.

We have taken two of the creatures - I shall call them Predators. With surprise gone, I have ordered the teams to withdraw. It is one matter to sacrifice a scientist team as bait; it is another to throw my soldiers carelessly into the Predator's path. We must not underestimate the killing power of these beasts.

Entry 3

The teams have returned. I should say that some have returned. We have lost many. What else could I do though? They would have found us soon - I am certain - just as they may have found the POC. Eisenberg will not hear of this possibility - he insists that the Aliens alone possessed the power to destroy the POC. His imagination is too small. It will be his undoing. I will not make the same mistake; more creatures will come for their brethren. We must be ready.

Entry 4

So, we have not taken them all. One comes for me. On my terms, now. We track it through our cameras and sensors. I have studied some of the footage. Something about the mask draws my attention. Under magnification, I can just make out the markings. They are different than the masks on the other two - more ornamental. Different and yet familiar. I feel I am staring into my past - into the face of my would-be killer. Does this mean I have found him - my attacker from so many years ago? Or more likely, his friend, his brother - ha, perhaps it is no more than a brand like a logo on a shoe. No matter. I will think of him as my nemesis - and enjoy his undoing all the more.

Entry 5

Perhaps I was wrong on Eisenberg. Perhaps the captured Predators can open the door to a final solution. After all, their physiology is not magical - they have hemoglobin - they require oxygen - they can die. One sickness, one contagion, one carrier.

If I kill this one, they will return. Perhaps, there are other options.

Entry 6

Damn Eisenberg. I should have killed the creature when I could. Between him and the clumsy Marines, I am surrounded by fools.

No, that is not fair. I could have fought Eisenberg harder. I gambled that we could learn from the creature. Perhaps we can. With the creature's blood physiology, a good team could fashion a proper solution. I imagine something similar to Anthrax 9. Without the risk of human infection, we could make it much more contagious and long lasting. If we can just catch it again, I will even have a host to carry home the death of its people.

Entry 7

It has escaped from the Pods, hijacking a dropship in flight. No human could have survived the crash, but it is hardly human. I pray the Xenomorphs will finish it, or failing that, Dropship 2 should finish it if we detect it trying to reach its mates.

Still, I cannot be too sure. I have ordered the team to prepare evacuations - the medical data must survive.

Entry 8

Ivan is dead; the artificial Hive has been breached. The creature has escaped; I have lost my carrier. Enough sadness. I have the report on the third Predator's mask. It is unique - much older and more complex than the others. The scientists speculate the creature was either rich or royal or both. Given its youthfulness, I'd guess, a prince. With no ordinary crown. It is speculation, but I believe that the mask tracks their hunts - a tribal record book. If so, the mask may lead me to their homeland.

Let me return the prince's crown draped in a fabric made of death.

Entry 9

I have the mask. I am certain that the creature knows. Fifteen minutes ago, the mask became active - most likely in response to some signal. Excellent. Let the creature come. Dunya and the team have copies of the blood work; they understand our stakes. One of us will survive. This fight will not end with me.

Entry 10

Dunya! Dunya! It is here. I have entered the Hive and it follows. If I kill it, I will head for the surface and the old Access Point #3. If I don't radio again, get out. You have my codes - the funds are yours. They are covered in the blood of the POC, but you can wash away the stain. Create the weapon! Finish my battle.




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