"A clan's most seasoned close combat veterans become Vanguards."
―Predator Bestiary

The Vanguard is one of several predator classes found in Aliens versus Predator: Extinction. It appears to be a sub-category of Elite ranked Yautja, similar to the Leader rank.



Vanguards are high ranking predators that deign to assist only the most skilled of clans, wielding the Plasma Scythe. They wear heavy, durable blue and silvery armor that staves off light and medium assaults fairly well, however they do move slower than the rest of their much swifter clan brothers, such as the Brawler or Spear Master. They carry one of the most powerful weapons in the game: the Plasma Scythe, which kills anything it strikes in four hits maximum.

They lead any attack they are a part of and are honor bound to directly engage the most dangerous of the clan's enemies.


Once vulnerable to quick, instant-killing enemies like Facehuggers, the Killscreen Generator shoots streams of dark plasma that vaporizes any incoming projectiles. Though useful, it doesn't entirely fix the how vulnerable the vanguard is to mobs of enemies. Upgraded Drones, facehuggers, and gunfire can still overwhelm this system into dysfunction if there are simply too many projectiles to combat.


Vanguards, for all their vitality, are slow both in speed and attack rate. This makes them easy targets for concentrated gunfire by marines or mobbing by Xenomorph or rival predators with faster attack rates. Placing a Vangaurd in the midst of more skirmish suited predators reduces the chance of it getting killed by spreading the enemies focus around. Several Vanguards solve the issue of being overloaded by projectiles, by protecting each other.

Vanguards are specially suited to deal with heavily armored, powerful targets such as Queen aliens, Praetorians, and SuperAliens such as the Ravager or Carrier.


  • There is at least one known Vanguard Clan Leader, however he was killed in the Aliens mission Propagate The Species.