Vagouti is a hunter who accompanied her mate in the hunting of Sloane, a rifleman known somewhat for killing several hunters. Unlike Nakande, Vagouti heeds the stories and because her mate ignored them, he ends up dying. She spends the book trying to avenge his death.

In If It Bleeds

Vagouti accompanies Nakande to earth, hoping to kill a somewhat infamous hunter-killer named Sloane. Both predators are disappointed to find an old man and his untrained wife instead of the dangerous warriors they were warned about, but Vagouti understands that while age may have sapped his speed and strength, it didn't neccesarily mean he wasn't as skilled.

Nakande underestimates Sloane and is short through the lungs. Shortly afters, he admits Vagouti was right, and dies from his injuries. Grieving, but angry at him for not listening to her, Nakande decides to avenge her mate. She follows Sloan and Mary back to the meth-lab RV, only to find several police officers there, which complicates the hunt. The humans do no move how she expects them too, and suspect a trap, carefully keeping out of her line of fire. When the humans pile into the police car, she means to spike the vehicle and kill them all at once, but before she can she is shot and falls from her hiding place and breaking a rib from the impact. Though in pain, she stills sends an energy spike towards Sloane but misses him.

Sloane manages to get a look at her, at first mistaking her for a youth due to her size. However, later he recognizes her as a female. Seeing she failed to kill him, Vagouti actives her Self-Destruct Device, laughs, and prepares to vaporize everyone in the vicinity.


  • Energy Spike
  • Bio-Mask
  • Plasmacaster
  • Body Armor