Hello fellow Editors,

There is a Youtuber by the name of AcidGlow who has been stealing AVP Wikia's content for some time now, as well as content from other wikias. Anytime we find a discovery about some new AVP lore, stories, ect. he creates a video shortly after essentially just reading off what we've found. He is a verified user, which if I'm not mistaken, means the views he gets makes him money. His vids seem to hover in the 300k to 500k view range, with some even reaching 1 million. His new videos mix things up a bit, but it's clear he's stealing from our wiki. Some of his old videos are just out and out, word for word plagiarism.

I think it's incredibly unfair that we take time out of our day to find and organize all this information only for some lazy jerk to make money off what we do for free. We should take some sort of action.

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