Let's talk about yautja females... once again! Please keep an open mind and rather or not you believe that all of this information is true or nothing more then speculation is really up for you to decide... The reason I'm Bringing up this blog and the subject again is because back when I wrote this blog back in the 7th of November, 2015, I had acted really poorly to Leigh Burne and just overall being a real bitch to him for sharing his own personal views on the matter and really, there was no excuse for my behavior and I had no real reason to be a bitch to him to begain with. While i did apologize to him for being out of order, I still do feel bad about it and I honestly wish I could've handle it alot better or at the very least try to be the bigger person, so with that said... Leigh Burne, I really am sorry for my rudeass bitchy behavior 3 years ago, you didn't deserve it and I wish I could've been more civil in the matter, While I don't entirely agree on your opinion, you do however have your own interesting idea on the matter. I hope I can at least make up for it in some way. Kudos!  

So with that out of the way, Lets start out with the appearance of the female yautja, which are no different from the males. Yautjas, likes humans, display sexual dimorpism, which is a phenotpic differentiation between males & females of the same species. Female yautjas are larger & stronger than their male counterparts, and just like human females, display mammary glands, or breasts, which yautjas refer to as "milk glands", as mammals are specialized to produce milk to provide nutrition as well as antibodies for their young, and infiant yautjas are called pups, suckers & sucklings... And you have an idea why they are called that... This is in fact evidence that yautjas are mammals.

As yautjas, just like human, are individuals and have minds of theirs own and are not all alike or think alike. They do differ in appearance & personalities from other individuals, and the same implies for females as they do differ in physical appearances as they may either look very much like the males, making them much more muscular and showing little distinction from the males, or they could be somewhat slimer, maintaining both a much more feminine shape & a muscular appearance, or the can be much more Feminine. If a not-too-wise male were to call a female "Lou-dte kalei", which means "child maker", of course that is what females of any species do, is make children. But calling a female yautja a "Lou-dte kalei" very much going to piss her off becuase, not only is it a slang for a female, but its also an insult to one, kind of the equivalent of calling her a whore.

Did you know that yautja society is matriarchal? Meaning that in their social organization, the females are in charge, Sound familiar? Thats because the social organization of elephants is matriarchal, as elephants live in tight-knit matrilineal family groups, lead by the eldest female, the matriarch. Being a matriarchal society, female yautjas rule over their territory & generally run internal affairs, but rarely is it ever needed to be enforced. Males do not envolve themselves in female politics & females have little to no interest in male socializations, but as yautjas are individuals, there could be an exceptition, as there could be a few or more females that do have some interest in male socialization, however, it would only be a small percentage. Males conquer, while females rule. As 10% of males retire from hunting, females however commonly come under this section of society, due to their role as mothers, as well as also being the driving force behind the homeworld's natural wasteland system. Females, just like males, do live and hunt in packs or clans, the difference is that while males live & hunt with unrelated males, females on the other hand, live & hunt with related females & their children, and maybe a few unrelated females. Just like in elephant family groups, the clan leader would be the matriarch of the clan, making her the dominant female. Clans usually vary and have their own unique personality and set of rules, depending on whose leading the clan that is, in some clans, only the dominant female has breeding rights, or in others, aside from the dominant female, 2 or more females may breed.

When born, both genders start off the same size, but as they grow more mature, they start to grow into their gender's adult size. Sons will live with their mothers for much longer, but they will eventually leave and join male clans, there, he will hunt with them, or live on his own as a lone wolf, as yautjas are semi-nomadic. Daughters on the other hand, will still continue to live in the clan with their mother for the protected enviroment to raise children of their own. But there are other females that will leave the clan to either start a clan of their own or, and very rarely, live on their own as lone wolfs, just as the males.

As hunting is a big & major part of yautja society & culture, both genders do hunt, males hunt for sport, trophies and more importantly, honor. Females on the other hand, may hunt for trophies, but for a different reason than their male counterparts, and the reason for why females hunt for trophies is unknown. Dominance may be one of the reasons, perhaps it is to show their ability to protect their territory from rival female clans, or to show their ability to protect their children, or the children of their sister's or daughter's, or perhaps just for laughs, but unlikely, they could just as well do it for honor too. According to the novel, "Aliens vs. predator: prey", female yautjas are apparently not hunters, but are still none-the-less equals in yautja society & mentality. I've read the book 2 times (Great book by the way), and I've found no such evidence to females not being hunters, or huntress. If so, then Dachande would've said so himself, but he didn't, therefore, no evidence.

In human history & in some cultures back then & some today, women in society were concidered by law and in nature, inferior to men. Now with yautja society being matriarchal, you'd think that males are inferior to females, but you'd be wrong, in yautja society, there is no inferior gender, as both males & females are equals. However, yautjas that are lame, crippled, or too cowardly are concidered inferior and serve as slaves doing menial jobs for hunters. They are ridiculed & humiliated on a daily basis by other yautja.

As for yautja reproduction (which is a subject I am very uncomfortable talking about), both male & female yautjas give off musk, which is an oily, bitter smell to signfy aggression, and is detected by other yautjas & canids, or canines, but imperceptible to humans. Females will also emit this musk when they go into estrus, or heat, which yautjas refer to as "child-bearers musk". Yautjas are not monogamous, meaning that they don't mate for life as most or some humans do, and it is common for males to sire up to 70 to 100 sucklings with multiple female, and in such an atmosphere of high comptition for breeding rights among males, there are many of those males who never get the chance to breed. Those that do are strong males that have proven themselves by hunting dangerous prey & gaining many impressive trophies. Reproduction in yautjas is similar, but different from human reproduction, in which humans are usually sexually motivated all the time & they'll f*ck just about anyone or anything, Yautjas on the other hand, Females may be sexually motivated only during a specific time in their hormal cycle. And because of their acute sense of smell, males will know instantly when this time occurs, and at what stage of her cycle she is in. But with the lifestyle yautjas live, a male could die on any hunt, thus females might need to be able to breed at any moment, and this might be a possibility. Concidering how ritualistic yautjas are, how they copulate is really hampered by the human imagintion (which, by the way, is a sick place), but how they would most likely copulate would be in the same way as normal traditional human copulation. In fact, females have been know to occasionally throw their mates during the heat of mating, as it is consider pleasurable, keeping in mind that the female is larger & stronger than the male shes mating with. After mating, the male & female yautjas will normally go they're separate ways, the male would return to his life of hunting, leaving the female to raise & care for his pup.

In "Aliens vs. predator: prey", Dachande had a brother named Nei' hman-de, whose blood he shared by the same father, but in actuality, he & Nei' hman-de don't share thier father's blood, but rather, his genetics as he would be the genetic contributor to the creation of Dachande & Nei' hman-de, along with the genes of their mother, who they would share her blood & flesh with. So bascially, they would be half-related, meaning that they would be related by the same father, but have different mothers, making them half-siblings. So Nei' hman-de would be Dachande's "brother from another mother". Or if they in fact do share the same mother, then that would mean that they also share the same father too, meaning that their mother has mated with the same father again, making Dachande & Nei' hman-de fully related to eachother. But because yautjas are not monogamous, males can mate with as many females as he wants, and this of course makes it harder to explain yautja genetics.

And while we haven't seen female yautjas in movies, games or even the action figures (Fun Fact: Kenner actually had plans to make a female predator figure, Unfortunately that never happened), but they have in fact, appeared in the comics, 3 of them appear in 3 different comics. The first one appears in the comic, "Aliens vs. predator: Deadest species". In the comic, Caryn Delacroix, a genetically engineered trophy wife of company man, lucien Delacroix, is tormented with nightmares of xenomorph & yautjas. Later in the comics, she manages to survive, but is surprised to find that it was all virtual reality simulation, but the predator she fought against to survive however was very real and kept captive in a lab. Caryn saves the she-predator, nicknamed "Big mama", and throughtout the comic, is caryn's ally & mentor, but strangly referred to her as ash parnall. Big mama's physical appearance was like that of a males, showing little distinction from her male counterpart. She was also extremely protective & caring of her progeny & a powerful warriorness.

Another female yautja appears in the the mindhunter comics, which is a crossover of Witchblade, Aliens, The darkness, and Predator. This she-predator, named, Sister Midnight, or "Mei-Jadhi Than-gaun" in the yautja language, along with a group of other predators, sought to stop Kenneth Irons' attempt to overrun the earth with xenomorphs. She & her comrades attempted to board Irons' ship. however, automated defenses cut down her comrades, while she herself just barely managed to get on-board the ship with her life. On her own now, she soon tracks down the other main characters, sara Pezzini & Jackie Estacado, but finds herself drawn to the witchblade. She Allies with them, though it seems that shes only doing this to keep sara from being killed by anyone but herself. They then come face-to-face with the darkalien, who proves to be a fearsome foe. After locking the darkalien into an airlock, sister midnight tries to help herself to the witchblade, but is stop by sara, who tries to negoitiate peace with her and tells her that they need to work together, but jackie threatheneds to kill her with her own detached plasma caster. Sister midnight cloaks & retreats, but comes back to assist them against the darkalien, sara & jackie are near to being engulfed by the darkalien, however, the witchblade transferred itself to sister midnight and she, along with jackie, combined their efforts to destroy the darkalien, and the witchblade returns to sara. Sister midnight, though badly injured, still sought to to end Iron's scheme for good. Per her wishes, sara helps sister midnight set her self-distruct timer to go off. After taking off in an escape stuttle, sara & jackie see sister midnight's self-distruct device destroy Irons' ship, thereby completing her mission while also giving her an honorable death in the eyes of her people. Sister midnight's physical appearance, unlike big mama, was more feminine, but still maintained a muscular appearance.

And finally, in another crossover comic, "Superman and batman vs. Aliens and predator", a  couple of female yautjas make a cameo, there was a mother along with her child, whose hugging her leg as she has her hand on her child's head. She is looking down at the shadows walking on by from a high advanage point. And there was another female and a child, along with 5 male yautjas that circled Batman. Heres another Fun Fact: There is "Predators" concept art of an unused Female Yautja and Its a shame that they didn't go with the Idea to have a female yautja in the movie for the first time... Serously, they had every opportunity to have a female yautja appear in a movie for the first time and they blew it.

Still so much about yautjas we have yet to learn about, and female yautjas are certainly one of them. I have no problem with male yautjas, I mean hey, have you seen scar predator? He is so freakn' cute! But a different gender just for once would be a nice change. Still, we can only hope, Maybe Neca with come out with figures of Big Mama & Sister midnight, maybe even remake the Female predator figure that kenner was planing to make. In the end, I think we can all agree that we need more female yautjas.