Ok. For those who haven't seen the movie, read at your own risk as this will contain spoilers.

Right as some us know, the movie was....insane, disjointed and honestly not the film we really wanted. The ending was just horrible, the secret weapon turned out to be an iron man nanotech copycat suit called the Predkiller, not only does it not fit in the film or the franchise but logically its not a very good defensive weapon against an entire invasion, since it is only one suit and we know a single predator mothership could devastate cities easily.

Now if you think the Predkiller suit was bad, if you think that concept was bad.... Then allow me to direct you here:

Yep, an apparently time travelling Ripley is featured in the alternate ending and it seems it was filmed too. Ripley is seen in some sort of hypersleep bed thingy with a WY breather mask on her face shaped like a facehugger. I don't know who keeps coming with these ideas and thinking they are good or that they belong in a franchise that original quite down to earth. Remember the tone of Alien? Time travelling would not fit at all nor would Ironman style tech. As a fan of the franchise, I hate to say this but maybe it would be better if they were RIP because these latest films are seriously messing things up in my opinion.