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First I should probably state just how much I loathe the two individuals mentioned in the title of this blog for what they are trying to do (or in the latter's case wanted to do) to the franchise and how glad I am that the so-called "Alien 5" was scrapped. Now with that out of the way, let's get into the meat of this blog post.

Ridley Scott and the Bastardization of Alien Lore

So I should probably elaborate on what I mean by "the destruction of the Alien franchise", so I'll start with the man who only agreed to come back to the franchise if he was allowed to divert it from its roots. Not only does this man have the audacity to try and say that the series is "dead in the water" at a time when the franchise was flourishing with ancillary media, but he was also particularly and arrogantly problematic during the production of what would become Prometheus due to petty personal issues with the greater franchise. While I did enjoy Prometheus for the most part, I would have loved to see Alien: Engineers instead, though I'm glad that the concept version of the "Ultramorph" was not used as it looked incredibly goofy with the giant eyes (which totally ruin the Xenomorph aesthetic and remind me of that unfortunate Aliens: Infestation design) and the fact that a much better design exists. Though despite my dislike for the Ultramorph, I must say that I adore the Beluga-Xenomorph and kind of like the idea of them being a predecessor to the XX121s. What I don't like is the idea of the Praetomorphs being a predecessor to the XX121s, lucky for me plenty of canon information contradicts what Scott so desperately wants to be true such as the Ovomorphs on the derelict being millions of years old and then there's the novelization of Alien: Covenant stating that David reverse-engineered the Praetomorphs from Xenomorphs and the prequel novel where a man has visions of the Xenomorphs. While everything can be written off and explained somehow right now, we still have a 3rd prequel movie to come which could seriously mess things up if Scott continues down his path of rewriting the franchise to his tastes, ironically (with the themes of his movies) playing God himself and acting like he owns the franchise. Pretty much everyone that I've talked to about these prequels and Scott's direction with the franchise, has said that they hate it and a lot of people seem to think it is "stupid" and unnecessary. Aside from this third "interquel", Scott also wants to make several other prequels and completely ditch the Xenomorph in favor of AI antagonists because "Aliens made people not afraid of the Xenomorph anymore" (which is utter bullshit, see: Alien: Isolation)... Not only is this oversaturation which has caused the downfall of many other franchises over the years, but the whole scrapping the Xenomorph thing is perhaps the worst decision in the history of decisions for a franchise called A L I E N (not to mention that no Xenomorphs is one of the major complaints about Prometheus). If he wants to make movies about AI then he can go do that somewhere else and leave the Alien franchise alone. While nothing has been really heard about any of these movies, it has been confirmed they are still in the works. While I don't think Covenant was as bad as some people say it is (though it definitely had horrid ideas and is my least favourite Alien movie), as a long-time and extremely devoted fan, I fear for the future of the franchise and honestly feel like Scott is going to be the death of it.

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