Just setting this page up for now. Going to try and edit as often as I can to create a complete and dated chronological timeline of every piece of media (that tells a story). This includes contradictory information which I will highlight in orange (as it turns out, everything contradicts everything, so I won't be doing this for the main timeline). I will also include crossovers highlighted in purple and explicitly stated non-canon/alternate universe works that aren't crossovers in red. My end goal is to create multiple 'canon' timelines that show where everything fits together and where it doesn't. For now, I will no longer be updating the canon timelines with any new (or old) novels or comics as the canonicity of them is a very blurry line. My order of importance for building up the complete timeline is as follows: Movies > Video Games > Novels > Comics > Other media, such as Board Games.

Note: I have chosen to leave the Predators series of installments as being set in 2010 for now as despite The Predator supposedly taking place before it, I do not currently wish to speculate when exactly it all fits in.

I need to add the other 40th-anniversary short-films at some point. I also need to add the future-set If It Bleeds short stories and the two novels Flesh and Blood, and the unreleased Stalking Shadows. With the two movie canon timelines somewhat finished, I will be focusing exclusively on the full timeline now.

Alien movie canon timeline

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Predator movie canon timeline

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Complete interwoven AVP timeline

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