As I promised, I started to gather all comic, book, etc. and put here with a timeline, to help out this wiki. Sometimes the dates are given in the book or comic, but somehow the articles here don't mentions it. So far it's not a complete list, I will update it as soon as I have time for it.

Note: the years only shows the main story's placement, not flashbacks, memories, etc.

  • Predator: 1718 – 1718
  • Predator: God's Truth - 1926
  • Predator: Strange Roux – 1931 july
  • Predator: Demon’s Gold – during WW2
  • Aliens: Earth Angels – 1950s[1]
  • Predator: Invaders from the Fourth Dimension - 1959
  • Predator: Concrete Jungle – 1989
  • Predator: Cold War – 1990 March
  • Predator: Big Game – 1991
  • Predator: Blood Feud – 1992 (main story)
  • Predator: The Bloody Sands of Time – 1992 (with flashback to ww1)
  • Aliens: Incubation – 1995[2]
  • Predator: Bump in the Night – 1997
  • Predator: No Beast so Fierce – 1997
  • Predator: Primal - 1997
  • AvP: Old Secrets – 1999[3]
  • AvP: Sand Trap – 2007
  • Predator: South China Sea – 2008 (march 21 to 27)
  • Predators: Welcome to the Jungle – 2010 (before Predatory Life)
  • Predators: A Predatory Life – 2010 (just before Predators)
  • Predators – 2010
  • Predators: Preserve the Game – 2010, 2 months after the film
  • Predator Concrete Jungle (game) – 2030 (main story)
  • Aliens: Steel Egg - 2058
  • Aliens: Elder Gods – 2099
  • Predator: Forever Midnight - 2117
  • AvP: The Hunt Begins – After 2122, but before 2179[4]
  • Alien: Isolation + comic + book adaptation: 2137 december
  • Alien: Blackout - 2137 december
  • Aliens: Defiance – starts in 2137 December 14. The last given date is 2138 September (when Zula could have returned without becoming AWOL, but she missed the opportunity)
  • Aliens: Apocalypse – The Destroying Angels – main story takes places in 2142
  • Aliens: Once in a Lifetime – a sequel to Apocalypse, I would say it takes places maybe years after it (if not outright after it).
  • Alien: Out of the Shadows - 2159
  • Alien: River of Pain – 2179 (the fall of Hadley’s Hope)
  • Aliens: Newt's Tale - 2179 (fall of Hadley's Hope + the movie, the story pretty much covered in the River of Pain book with some retcons)
  • Aliens: Fire and Stone - 2179 (during and after the fall of Hadley's Hope)
  • Aliens: Field Report - 2179 (during the events of Aliens, the movie)
  • Aliens: Infestation – 2179, 6 weeks after the USS Sulaco reached LV-426
  • Aliens: Colonial MArines + Stasis Interrupted DLC + A:CM No Men Left Behind comic - 2179, 17 weeks after the film, Aliens
  • Aliens: Colonial Marines Technical Manual - 2179 (written in-universe, we are after the events of Aliens)
  • Aliens: Extermination – A few years after Aliens/Alien 3
  • AvP (1999 game) – 2189
  • AvP: Prey - I place it in 2190, this could be wrong with +/- a few years[5]
  • AvP: Extinction: main story is probably in 2192.[6]
  • AvP: Duel - 2192.[7]
  • Aliens: Outbreak/Earth War – 2192, and ends in 2193 november
  • Aliens: Berserk - 2193[8]
  • AvP: War - 2193
  • Aliens: Countdown – 2193, days or weeks after the fall of Earth and the last evacuation
  • Aliens: Advent/Terminus – After Earth has fallen (2193), but before the recapture (2196 September). It’s mentioned, that humanity don’t want any wild adventures, watching a boring excavation is enough action.
  • Aliens: Nightmare Asylum – 2194 May (when they arrive to the 3. Base), and November (when they arrive to Gateway)
  • Aliens: Armageddon - between 2194 November and 2196 September.[9]
  • AvP: Hunters Planet: 2194[10]
  • Aliens: The Female War – starts at 2195 July, ends in 2196 Feb
  • Aliens: The Alien – 2196 September. One month after the bombs exploded (August)
  • Aliens: Border Lines – I would take this around the 2190s-2210s, when the Aliens overran multiple colonies.
  • Aliens: Lucky – Just as Border Lines, I would place this during the War (or maybe after it). Every derelict ship must be scanned, because of Aliens. So everyone knows about them.
  • Aliens: Glass Corridor – sometimes after the War, one of the characters mentions he fought in it
  • Aliens: Cargo – Earth is recaptured and rebuilt. The Xeno-Zip is mentioned.
  • AvP: Arcade Game (1994) - Earth is starting to rebuilt, but the Aliens are still active, I would place it arount the 2200s (by 2213 the Aliens are pretty much extinct, they still exist, but they are not a threat)
  • AvP: Three World War: - 2202.[11]
  • AvP (2010 game) – 2209[12]
  • AvP: Evolution – I would place this after the AvP 2010 game, the theme is similar, also iirc it’s features cloaked synthetics, like in the 2010 game
  • Aliens: Genocide – 2213 (main story)
  • Operation: Aliens – definitely after Genocide, I would say maybe years after it at max.
  • Aliens: Music of the Spears – starts at the final days of 2223, the main story is in the early months of 2224
  • Aliens: Rogue - 2225 (or around it).[13]
  • AvP: Primal Hunt – 2230 (main story)
  • AvP 2 – 2230, ending in 2231 january
  • Aliens: Labyrinth - 2232 (earliset speculated year).[14]
  • Aliens: Colonial Marines (comic) - 2230s/2240s.[15]
  • Aliens: Mondo Pest - a little after A:CM
  • Aliens: Mondo Heat - after Mondo Pest
  • Aliens: Wraith – 2240s.[16]
  • Aliens: A Comic Book Adventure – 2257
  • Aliens: Dead Orbit - 2295
  • AvP (Atari Jaguar) - 2329
  • AvP (SNES) – 2493
  • AvP: The Last of his Clan - 2593


  1. Sometimes placed in 1954, because of the Earth Angels song release date.
  2. Although it got a sequel years later what is an Aliens vs Batmen, but Incubation never references anything related to Batman.
  3. With a story about St. George and about the legend of a “dragon” dating back to ancient times, when St. George was alive.
  4. The creators said it’s between the two films, although we have rules for characters who are lived way after it, but they don’t show up in the “story”/campaign.
  5. Aliens: Berserk and AvP: Prey makes it clear that the Earth War didn't happened (nobody knows about the Aliens, and Earth is still controlled by humans), in fact in Prey theres a Biomed magazine (and Biomed is part of Bionat, the corp that will doom Earth). And in AvP: War the heroes wants to return to Earth, the War either didn't happened, or they just don't know about it yet
  6. The marines don't know anything about the Aliens, also, the game features cultist who whorsips the Aliens (Salvaje's cult). And theres an unknown company who hired mercenries to sabotage the Wey-Yu's research on Aliens. This unknown company could be the Bionational Corp from Aliens: Outbreak. They are a big rival to Wey-Yu, anyway, I think the game fits perfectly with the Outbreak comic/novel.
  7. Machiko is already left Ryushi. We know, that this happened 2 years after Prey. Also, Light-Stepper is featured in this comic, this is how he earns the marine flag, that will be showed in AvP: War.
  8. AvP: War takes place 3 years after Prey, Berserk is a prequel to War, and as I said, the heroes are unaware of the Alien-Earth War, or didn't happened yet.
  9. November is when the world saw Thomas A.W. Spears attempt to fight fire with fire, aka to fight Aliens with controlled Aliens. I connected this game with AvP: Extinction: In Extinction wey-Yu tried to create a stronger Alien variant (K-Series), but failed. In Armageddon, Wey-Yu created a bunch of unique xenos, probably to kill the normal Aliens. And the game must take place before 2196 september, when humanity returns with the armies to recapture the planet.
  10. 1 year after AvP: War.
  11. 10 years after War happens. It's 100% sure that 3WW happens after humanity reclaimed Earth, David references it multiple times. Aliens: Genocide mentioned, that while the war ended around 2213, but humanity already returned to the cities earlier (Aliens: The Alien takes places in 2196 september, the armies are already trying to reconquer Earth).
  12. the creators said it’s 20 or 30 years after the events of Aliens, however the soldiers only mentions the Acheron events, not the Alien-Earth War, 2199 would be a bad placement, Earth just been recaptured, it’s still a warzone. However the game features Royal Jelly, this is “discovered” by the Grant Corp around the early days of the 2200s.
  13. Palmer mentions she lost her husband 12 years ago, during the end of the Alien-Earth War. We know, that in 2213 the war still rages on, but its pretty much a win for humanity, the Aliens while exists, but they are not a big threat.
  14. Church was 21 years old when he lost his family. They knew a little about the Aliens but not much, so this happened around the early stages of the Earth War (let's just say he lost his family at 2192, the earliest point). 40 years later the events of Aliens: Labyrinth takes place (so the earlist point is 2232). Plus at the end of the novel Crespi's body started mutating, gaining some Alien parts. I speculate that after this Church made the Bug-Men, the Alien-Human hybrids.
  15. The comic features Ernst Kleist (Rogue), and mentions Church (Labyrinth), as I speculated: Crespi could be the forerunners of the Bug-Men. What's 100% sure, that the Royal Jelly is already exist, the Alien-Earth War happened. Plus Herk Mondo mentions he purged Solano's Moon nest, where Crespi lost his entire unit back then. We are clearly after LAbyrinth and Rogue, the question is that how much. I wouldn't say that we are to far, because the comic features Carmen Vasquez, little daughter of Jenette Vasquez. Carmen remembers Jenette, before she left. So she already existed in 2179. Jenette is the only problem placing the comic in the timeline. Every other connection makes it clear that we are in the 2230s/40s, but Jenette would be too old for this period. However lets just pretend she used a lot of cryo sleep, this is why she looks young and not an old woman.
  16. Tirgu-Mires have a 4th generation colony. If we count 1 generation as 25 years, we get 100 years. If Chigusa started building it right after the events of Once in a Lifetime, then the earliest timeframe is the 2240s.
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