I'm at a bit of a crossroads here. let me explain myself, real quick. I'm a worldbuilder who likes to get more technical than most, and while I often make things up it is a plausible ability that, given the right circumstances, could already be in effect. but that's just me, and I'm stumped right now (more on that later).

I have come to a crossroads here. I have mostly written down what I have to give. Demimorph has a placeholder, Neomorph is pretty close to done, Agilimorph is too lengthy to really finish, and I mean ever, and of course Ultramorph is basically just upgraded Xenomorphs.

so, this is my question for this blog post, which I will also be making into a Forum post. excuse me if I don't know the name (prob's on community chat).

what should i do? please comment on some area of the Xenomorphs you'd love some alternatives to, and I'll try to get back to you. bear in mind, I'll likely take a while to decide, but these will be given in a bit of time.

for now, let me explain this, if literally no one has any idea, then we're going down the Xenomorph Hybrids path. And no one wants to go there. let me give a few sample ideas, in case you're bored:

various "mythical" animals that you'd like me to hybridize with a Xenomorph. such as dragons or Ikrans. Machines are not off the table, but you have to give an explanation.

a substitute for the Black Goo and specifics on how it works, where it comes from, and how it is applied.

Xenomorph modifications, as well as new types.

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