Xenomorph Fighter: Biology.

while they share many similar traits with the standard Xenomorph, these lone wolf predators are somewhat feared by the hive and all are viewed as needed scourges that lack the typical Hive mentality of their counterparts.


while they have the standard acidic blood and inner jaw, they lack the primary physical Dorsal Fins quite like their kin. here's a brief explanation of looks as how they're imagined by me.

with a more rounded and smooth head than most other Xenomorphs, this unit resembles a Drone in its behavior and look. however, its slaws are much longer than normal and all feature a wicked curve to them, making it great for tearing through armor of even the toughest colonial marine. there have been several recorded instances, however, of a more powerful form that does ritualistic beheadings even though it shares no common host, not even with the Predators (Yuatja). they have dark blue to dark green skin, depending on the native environment more so than their hosts skin color. as well, they feature a more pronounced head frill, almost like the crests of the Preatorians, but distinctly smaller and more of an agility unit than pure muscle.

as well as their sharp and heavily curved claws (comparable to that of a Velociraptor big toe), they appear to be a form akin to a Ravager, but because of their significantly smaller size and their lighter armor, they're akin to a Moderate Security Unit, albeit with distinct abilities outside of the norm.

commonly, they have aditional carapace markings on the back, more accurately Mesoskeleton markings. these are abstract and serve to mark and individual to themselves, not for any combat or hive related feature.


while they show superior intelligence and markedly better reflexes, they also show a more rage-induced combat state, hinting that they have some form of emotional capability. while they enter a rage, they're superior compared to any other unit, able to easily deflect wounds off of "hardened" sections of the Mesoskeleton. while they seem to have more armor than most other Xenomorphs, they also show a similar ability to Drones in being able to produce a stick resin capable of knocking enemies out. however, instead of using it to capture and transport prey, they use it to weaken and immobilize prey. this is usually done via shooting it at hands or feet to trap prey, which requires it to be broken out of in order to escape the wounds. attacking both hands with this resin effectively cuffs them and makes sure they cannot be of much harm to the Xenomorph.

as is, this is a work in progress, I have decided to wait until further notice in order to post this officially (right now I could just delete it all and mark it for deletion)

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