"Look upon my works, Ye Mighty, and Despair." -David.

this will be a more embellished account than you might think. specifically, I must get this out of the way first. THESE CREATURES ARE FAN MADE AND INVOLVED IN SEVERAL WORKS OF MINE. none of these works are true Fanfictions, at leats how you would consider it. they are more like actual books than fanfictions. that being said, you'd be surprised just how much idle hands are the devils workshop. sorry, couldn't help myself.

I've just finished watching ALIENS: COVENANT, and I must say the idea is fascinating. that David, a Rogue Synthetic, created the Xenomorphs into what they are today, truly makes me excited for what comes next.

but as I said, I have other idea. and they are as follows.

the Demimorph is a creation unlike any other. while normal Xenomorphs do not eat and cannot take genetic traits except from incubation, the Demimorph is a tad different.

while they supficially resemble a Neomorph, except with more muscle definition, they lack the extending mouth and bipedal nature, relying heavily on quadropedal walking to get around. as well, they are grey, not white, and then there's the way at which they are capable of evolving.

BIOMASS CONVERSION: in short, they are what they eat. consuming biomass renders whole sections of genetic code absorbed into the Demimorph, allowing for quite literal consumption of a thousand species. this sytem is not guaranteed, eating a single cell is never enough. however, most creatures worth their attention are larger than just twenty or so cells, practically guaranteeing their genetic traits. for instance, eating dragonfly wings, or a whole dragonfly will grant them those parts, most likely. they also don't use DNA, they use TNA (I have actually met someone who gave me the name of Transvertonucleic Acid, which means shapeshifter acid, not literally, in latin. it's close enough though. it actually means to divert, which works better than I was expecting), which can be modified by a specific set of sequences similar to our current method (ribosomes and all, but called different things. and they don't use RNA, they use its counterpart, which is mostly identical except it can also modify the TNA and add in whole new sequences).

enough sceintific, as a lot of people are confused. let's summarize all this science jargon into this simple fact; the thing shapeshifts. literally, it can shapeshift into various forms and such, allowing for rapid mutation and evolution inside a single generation. bear in mind, this isn't instant or quick, often times it is painful, but it allows for quite a lot of biodiversity in the same individual.

this means there is no broad types of Demimorphs, which is why there are only a few. specifically, there are these three primary members of the Demimorph Hive.

Quickstone, a battlehardened hunter with the ability to switch rapidly between forms thanks to faster than normal regeneration.

Talon: incredibly tough and durable, will eat anything that increases their defense. usually.

Walker: average member of the Demimorph Hive. or as close to average as possible.

there'll be more posted on this later. some works modified, chances are. but anyway, that's the first installment.

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